Helmets: Are they REALLY That Important?

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and you’re ready to get out for a scoot. But wait-- are you wearing your helmet?


Kids may complain that helmets aren’t cool, they’re uncomfortable, or they just flat out don’t like them. Parents may think, “well, I made it to adulthood without wearing a helmet.” So are they really that important?


The short answer: Yes. Here’s why.





Your brain is an amazing thing. It controls much of our lives, like our ability to see, breathe, think, feel, make judgments, and move. Imagine losing any of these basic functions! For those whose brains and skulls are still developing, it’s even more essential to protect your noggin.


It doesn’t take a hard hit to cause an injury, which is why it’s important to wear helmets when riding scooters, bikes, and even balance bikes. It’s so important that many states require it by law. In fact, 22 states plus the District of Columbia have laws in place to protect our most vulnerable riders.





So, why did lawmakers get involved?


The CPSC reported in 1995 that 300 kids are killed and 400,000 go to the hospital annually from bicycle accidents. (Which is the leading cause of death for kids ages 5 - 14). It’s been estimated that proper helmets could have prevented 75% of these fatal and 85% of these non-fatal traumatic brain injuries. That’s a pretty sizable impact from parents insisting that kids wear helmets.


Overall, accidents happen. But getting in the routine of wearing a helmet can help lessen the likelihood of a serious injury.



Wow, I’m convinced! Will any helmet do the trick?





Once again, in short, the answer is no. One way to tell if you’re using the right helmet is to read the fine print on the box. If it says it’s suitable for the activity you’re using it for, great! Next, check to make sure it meets all necessary safety regulations. Thankfully, most do.


Sizing is another important element of helmet safety. Does the helmet fit properly? If not, it won’t protect you. Got that? The helmet has to be a proper fit. We often get calls from parents and grandparents wondering which helmet they should purchase based on their child’s age. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend this, as head size is the only true way to measure for a good fit. We advise those interested in helmets to measure head circumference, and to use that measurement to find the right helmet size. Here’s a helpful checklist to make sure your helmet fits properly.





We offer several fun helmet designs in a variety of sizes so you can easily round out your scooter purchase with some safety gear. Wondering what else we recommend for a safe scoot? You can’t go wrong with a bell or light!


So to conclude the long answer, yes. Helmets are important! Here at Micro, we call them essential. Have questions about Micro helmets? Contact our award-winning Customer Service.

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