Helmets: Are they REALLY That Important?

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and you’re ready to get out for a scoot. But wait-- are you wearing your helmet?

Safety first!

Helmet safety has become an increasingly popular discussion among parents over the years, and rightfully so. Accidents happen, and for those we love most, we want to help set great habits that promote fun & safe scooting. That means strapping on a helmet whenever it's time to ride!  



Brains are amazing! 

They control much of our lives, like our ability to see, breathe, think, feel, make judgments, and move. For kids whose brains and skulls are still developing, it’s even more essential to keep their noggins protected. 



Sizing is an important element of helmet safety.

Does the helmet fit properly? If not, it won’t protect you. Measuring for head size is the only true way to measure for a good helmet fit. If you're thinking about shopping by age, you'd be surprised how many two-year-olds measure bigger than five-year-olds!

We advise those interested in helmets to measure their child's head circumference, and to use that measurement to find the right helmet size. Here’s a helpful checklist to make sure your helmet fits properly.



Styling your helmet

We offer several fun helmet designs in a variety of sizes so you can easily round out your scooter purchase with some safety gear. Wondering what else we recommend for a safe scoot? You can’t go wrong with a bell or light!



So to conclude the long answer: yes, helmets are important! Here at Micro, we call them essential.

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