How One 2-year-old Learned to Ride the Micro Mini Scooter

The Learning Curve

Photo Credits: MC Covington 

Maybe you’ve noticed 2-year-olds riding the Mini at your local park and were surprised to see such little people riding such little scooters. If you have a 2-year-old, it’s only natural to wonder if they also might be ready to ride, and what the learning curve might look like.

During a recent photo shoot for the Mini, we watched one of our littlest models go through the stages of learning to ride. We later realized that the photos we took that day helped tell the story of how 2-year-olds develop Mini-riding skills. We decided to share!

Your first question might be ‘‘why use a Mini rather than a stroller?" We asked parents for their input, and the most frequent answer was that too much time in a stroller can make toddlers restless. Riding the Mini offered exercise and fresh air and provided a toy to play with at the destination. Many parents reported that they take a stroller on journeys, in case the little ones are tired on the ride home. 

For toddlers, being able to get places under their own steam is an early source of confidence. For their parents, it’s an early opportunity to teach safety practices; to stop at street corners, stay at your side, and wear a helmet - all valuable early habits.

On the day of our Photo Shoot, our Mini model’s mom said our model had not yet ridden her Mini but had been content to push it around the house, backwards, holding on to the hand grips. This is a common first interaction; children seem to like to ‘manage’ the Mini, before trying to ride it.  

At the start of the shoot, our 2-year old model spent about 20 minutes playing with the Mini; she picked it up, turned it around and moved it from place to place. 

Her next step was to stand over the Mini, with one foot on either side of it. She seemed pleased with this progress and maintained the position for quite a long time.

After some time spent standing over the Mini, our model made the move to place a foot on its deck.

Taking a break to contemplate nature, with one foot now on the deck!

It wasn’t long after that she decided to take the big step and 'kick' ahead
And the very next shot was of her scooting
Next, she's ready to stop

One of the nice things about the Mini’s child-friendly design is that the deck is just 1 inch from the ground, making it easy for young children to confidently hop off or put a  foot down to stop. They will learn to use the spoon brake in back but initially children simply step off when they want to stop, as shown here. 

Preparing to stop - down goes her foot

Time to explore, some more!

Breaktime - a visit to Tip Toes, a favorite children’s store in Holland, MI that carries Micro

Wardrobe change and some sibling antics

Micro’s lean-to-steer is the feature that makes turning fun

Only a few (concentrated) hours later, the initial learning curve is complete; our 2-year old is happily riding her Mini. Virtually all children will learn to ride the Mini intuitively. It seems somewhat miraculous, but they don’t require parental ‘instruction’ just parental ‘patience’. We encourage you to watch over them as they learn, but let them enjoy the process!

Last but not least, let’s give credit where credit is due!! We all know that big sisters teach little sisters everything they know by setting a great example and showing little sisters how things are done!! 

On the same day, this big sister (age 5) transitioned beautifully to the Maxi - a story we will share another day! 

Safety Certification - The Mini Micro is designed to be ridden from age 2 up to age 5. The next size up, the Micro Maxi is also a kickboard-style ride, for ages 5 to 12. The quality on both models is exceptional and both are safety certified by the US CPSC.

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