How to Create Your Own Weird Barbie Costume - A DIY Guide

Hey, Barbie! Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a unique and quirky costume idea, we've got you covered! Say goodbye to traditional outfits and hello to the weird and wonderful world of Barbie. In this DIY guide, we've teamed up with our friend Sophie Jones to show you how to craft your very own Weird Barbie costume using a few key elements and a whole lot of creativity. Let's dive right in!


Materials You'll Need:


Green Socks 

Hot Pink Dress 

Felt Squares + Adhesive 

Hair Chalk 

Styling the Wig

Start by cutting the wig to match the iconic look of Weird Barbie. While you can use an image as a reference, feel free to add your unique twist. Once you've achieved the desired length and style, add some hair spray to make it stand up. Then, use the hair chalk in pink and blue to match her vibrant hairstyle. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to transform your wig into the perfect Barbie 'do.



Crafting the Dress

Creating Weird Barbie's dress is where the fun really begins. Using pieces of felt in various colors, cut them into shapes that replicate the design of her unique outfit. You can make it as intricate or as simple as you like – it's all about your creativity!

Attach the felt shapes to the hot pink dress using your preferred method:

Temporary Option: Use glue dots to temporarily keep the felt attached. This is ideal if you plan to reuse the dress.

Permanent Option: If you're not concerned about reusing the dress, you can use iron-on backing for a low-temperature glue gun to attach the felt directly to the dress.

Feel free to add additional embellishments or details to make the dress even more unique!



Face Design

To complete the look, recreate Weird Barbie's face design. You have a couple of options:

Makeup or Face Paint: If you have makeup or face paints, you can easily achieve the desired face design. Remember to use non-toxic, washable products for easy removal when you're finished.

Washable Markers: An alternative option is to use non-toxic, washable markers. These are safe for your skin and can be easily washed off at the end of the night.



Deck out your scooter

Weird Barbie is all about making a statement, and what better way to do that than by coordinating your scooter with your costume? Transform your ride into a matching accessory for your quirky look using disco balls, scooter baskets, or even a few barbie dolls. Make it your own!

Top Barbie Scooter Picks

Mini Deluxe: This is a popular choice for young children. It features a three-wheeled design and is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. Suggested colors: Pink, Lavender.

Maxi Deluxe: Designed for older kids, the Maxi Deluxe offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It's suitable for kids aged 5 to 12. Suggested colors: Lavender, Pink.

Sprite LED Scooter: The Micro Sprite is a lightweight and foldable scooter, making it great for both kids and adults. It's perfect for cruising around the neighborhood. Suggested colors: Pink, Neochrome LED.

Cruiser Scooter: Perfect for ages 6+, the Cruiser has wide handlebars and bigger wheels for a ride that is smoother than smooth. Suggested colors: Purple, Neochrome LED.

Now, you're all set to embrace the weirdness and become your own version of Weird Barbie! Remember, the key to nailing this costume is letting your creativity run wild, and embracing your inner-Barbie. So don't be afraid to add your unique flair!

Now all that’s left it getting ready to turn heads and stand out as you scoot in your DIY Weird Barbie costume this year!

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