Insider Scooter Tips & Tricks

Micro scooters are not as simple as their rainbow of colors. There are many Micro attributes that can only be experienced, not seen. Although, the colors, LED wheels, and magic features that many Micro scooters feature are a beautiful sight. So, let’s dig into our insider scooter tips & tricks that you won’t want to miss out on!

1. Foldable or Easily Removable T-bars 

All Micro scooters are foldable or have easily removable T-bars, making travel easy and fun! Whether you're touring a city, headed to a campground, or just visiting cousins, you can keep kids (and parents) happy and active with Micro Scooters.


2. Customizable T-bar Height Ranges

All Mini Deluxe models extend from 17 inches to 25 inches and all Maxi Deluxe models extend from 24 inches to 34 inches.


3. Two-Year Warranty

Every Micro scooter includes a two-year warranty when you register your scooter on our website


4. Replacement Parts with Free Shipping

A part breaks or you want to refresh your scooter? We have replacement parts that we will ship to you for free*!

*Free USPS shipping on qualifying smaller parts. Larger parts ship UPS for $4.99. Free USPS and UPS Ground shipping on ALL orders for Email Subscribers


5. Option to Mix & Match Styles/Colors by Purchasing Spare Parts

You can personalize your ride with a new T-bar, a new deck, new wheels, and new handgrips, all offered in a range of colors.


6. Instructional How-To Videos

Our Scooter Squad, AKA our Customer Service team, creates knowledgeable and helpful instructional videos to assist you in your scooter journey.


7. Award-Winning Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is there for you through every purchase, replacement, question, and so much more. Their assistance does not expire!


8. Motion Activated LED Wheels

Motion-activated means no batteries are required, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing the batteries every month. The LED lights will last until about 80,000 revolutions. 


9. Super-Smooth Glide

Due to extra-thick PU (polyurethane) wheels and ABEC 9 Bearings, as well as the flexible deck made of reinforced ABS plastic, Micro has the smoothest glide around.


10. Non-Marking Wheels

Yes, this means that the kids can scoot in the house in the winter or on those bad weather days!


11. Almost Indestructible 

We are always tempted to advertise the Maxi as being indestructible, because, well, it very rarely breaks! However, we thought that might sound like a 'challenge' to a strong 8-year-old.


12. Scooters for All Ages

Micro has scooters for every age from 1 to 100 (or so). We guarantee that even adults will love zipping along on our Micro Classic scooters with their smooth glide. Walking can be so pedestrian!


13. Lean-To-Steer Riding Style

Our lean-to-steer turning requires little riders to shift their weight to the right or left, in order to steer right or left. They learn this weight-shifting intuitively, and it improves balance, coordination, and motor skills, which are skills they will use in many activities throughout their life!


14. ECO Scooters Protect the Ocean

Our ECO Collection keeps recycled plastic from the maritime industry out of the oceans, helping protect the oceans.


15. Scooting Makes You Cool(er)

On those warm summer days the scooting action lets you “make your own breeze,” so staying cool on the hottest days will be a little bit easier!

16. Scooting Promotes an Active Family-Centered Lifestyle 

Fun family bonding while staying active? Count us in!

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