Micro Kickboard's Eco-Collection: Explore Today, Protect Tomorrow!

Ever wondered how you can have fun and do your part to save the planet at the same time? We are thrilled to announce our newest line of scooters, the Micro ECO collection, made from recycled fishing nets. 

Micro Mini & Maxi ECO Scooter

Why fishing nets? Discarded fishing nets needlessly trap and kill millions of fish every year in addition to polluting the oceans. In addition to saving the oceans and fish, using recycled fishing nets also helps reduce air pollution caused by creating brand new, or “virgin” plastic. The carbon dioxide produced while manufacturing the Micro ECO scooters is reduced by up to 82% compared to using non-recycled materials.

Our products are known for their awesome ride and extreme durability. So, do these recycled ECO scooters meet our standards? Like all Micro scooters, fishing nets are designed to withstand extreme conditions and therefore also use the highest quality materials. Our ECO line has been tested and passed the most stringent USA safety tests. There is no compromise for us! Riders can expect the same style, quality, and smooth glide that Micro is known for.

The ECO collection is available in an exciting new colorway: “eco green.” Riders can choose either the Mini Deluxe ECO for ages 2-5, and the Maxi Deluxe ECO for ages 5 -12.  


Micro Mini & Maxi ECO Scooter

Did you know that Micro has been leading the way with eco-friendly products for years? These scooters are just one aspect of Micro’s commitment to corporate sustainability, which starts with producing a high quality product that lasts for decades, as every part is replaceable. 

By riding Micro, you’re not only choosing to use a fuel-free way to get around. You’re choosing a product that stands up to wear and tear, unlike many other brands. So as your children graduate to adult Micro scooters, we encourage you to donate your old Micro scooter to another family as they can be easily refurbished to look like new.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this latest sustainable step with our Micro friends. The ECO Collection is more than a new product line for us; it symbolizes our continued commitment to products with a purpose. We can’t wait for you to try the ECO Collection for yourself! Click here to shop.

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