Maxi Deluxe - Folding: All of the Fun, Half the Size!

Our much-loved, super convenient Maxi Deluxe - Folding now comes in 2 NEW colors! In addition to Volcano Grey, you can get your folding Maxi in Berry or Petrol Green. There’s so much to love about this scooter, and in this blog post we’re giving you every last juicy detail. Keep reading to learn about our Maxi Deluxe - Folding!


This scooter’s differentiating feature is its folding T-Bar. To fold, simply pull up on the black sleeve located at the base of the T-bar and fold toward the deck. To put upright, use the same motion, lifting the T-bar into a standing position.

The Maxi Deluxe - Folding is our most souped up version of our scooter for children ages 5-12. If you're looking for a scooter with all the bells and whistles, this is it! With its 2 new color combinations, it's even easier to personalize to your little one's style. 


This Maxi is the perfect companion to bring on vacation, on the bus, or to school! Simply fold and store it under your desk or in your locker. If you can think of the place, chances are you can bring your Maxi Deluxe - Folding. Storage isn't a problem when you've got thoughtful, Swiss-engineering on your side! It's no wonder that it's super popular in urban cities.


This scooter has all of the design upgrades of the Maxi Deluxe, including an anodized stem for extra protection against wear and tear, a unique, silicone-injected footplate for improved grip, and an adjustable, easy-folding T-bar, making your travels even more convenient. The Maxi Deluxe - Folding takes our multi award winning, much revered children's three wheeled scooter to the next level.

Using our signature lean-to-steer design, this 3 wheeled scooter is super fun for kids, safe, and convenient too, as it stands upright on its own. Every inch of our Maxi Deluxe - Folding screams "top dog."


Questions about the Maxi Deluxe - Folding? Contact our Customer Service.

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