Maxi Original vs Maxi Deluxe - Which should I choose?

Wondering about the differences between the Maxi Deluxe and Maxi Original scooters? Don’t know which one to choose? You’re not alone! We’re answering some of the most popular questions about these two scooters in this post.




So, which should you choose?


Let’s dive in!




While these two scooters are largely similar, there are some differences to note:



The Maxi Original has an aluminium handlebar stem.

The Maxi Deluxe has an anodized stem which protects the scooter from corrosion.



The Maxi Original has a plain deck.

The Maxi Deluxe has silicone-injected writing on the deck which acts as a grip to provide children with more secure footing when scooting.


Multiple Options

The Maxi Original comes in one style with multiple color options.

The Maxi Deluxe is available as the Maxi Deluxe - Folding, and Maxi Deluxe LED, in addition to the regular Maxi Deluxe, all available in our latest color combinations.



Each Maxi Original scooter has a black stem, with one accent color throughout.

Our Maxi Deluxe scooters offer the freshest color combinations, and are overall more colorful. Accent colors can be found on the stem of the T-bar, and the silicone grip on the deck. The T-bar base color also matches that of the deck.


Added Safety

The Maxi Original is suitable for ages 5-12.

The Maxi Deluxe is also made for ages 5-12, and comes with reflectors near the rear wheel of the scooter for added visibility.




While the Maxi Original and Maxi Deluxe scooters are different in several ways, they are very similar overall. Both scooters share the following qualities:


  1. The stem of both scooters can be easily and quickly removed for easy transport and storage. (We also offer the Maxi Deluxe - Folding which eliminates the need to pop out the T-bar with a folding mechanism.)
  2. Both utilize the lean and steer scooting style, where children shift their body weight left or right to steer the scooter.
  3. The Maxi Deluxe and Maxi Original scooters come with strong rear brakes. Some other scooter brands don’t have them! Our scooters come with brakes that are sturdy and strong.
  4. Lightweight design is one of our hallmarks, making it easy for kids to manage the scooter confidently. Both the Maxi Original and Maxi Deluxe weigh just 5.5 lbs.
  5. No hurt ankles! The Maxi Deluxe and Maxi Original both have a T-bar that is fixed to the deck, meaning if children pick it up, the deck won’t swivel and hit them.
  6. The Maxi Original and Maxi Deluxe scooters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to 4 puncture-proof, non-marking wheels (two larger in front, two small tandem in back). These wheels also help to easily balance the scooter – it stands up on its own, so kids can simply get on and scoot off.
  7. Replacement parts & warranty. Both scooters come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Read more about it here! If your scooter has experienced some wear and tear over the years, there’s no need to replace the whole thing. Just shop our affordable replacement parts, and check out our how-to’s to keep your scooter top-notch.




We hope this guide has helped to explain the difference between our Maxi Original and Maxi Deluxe scooters. If you have any questions, get in touch! We’re always happy to help.


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