Micro Mini 3in1 Scooter for Toddlers

Life is an adventure, even at the earliest stages. As children explore and learn, they grow. Designed by Micro Mobility in Switzerland, the Mini 3in1 is a quality toy that helps develop a young child’s balance and coordination.

At age 1, it’s a quality ride-on with seat. At age 2, simply remove the seat and it’s a stand-on with short stick, and a comfortable rounded grip made for little hands. For ages 3 through 5, attach the T-bar and it becomes the popular Mini Micro Scooter: loved for its great glide.

Micro’s design and engineering philosophy involves paying attention to details big and small. 

The deck is strong and flexible, yet remains lightweight.

The handlebar grips are comprised of a durable rubber, but feature soft, rounded edges. 

Micro’s wheels are among the smoothest and quietest in the world. 

Each part of the scooter is unique and replaceable. This allows the scooters to last… virtually forever! 

When you buy a Micro product, there’s no compromise. It is the quality choice.

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