Micro Scooter Freedom Ride

The summer months bring a whole new current into our lives and system as a family. Justin keeps his normal schedule and mine fluctuates, ebbing and flowing amongst the demands of Jack, Zoe and Beau’s schedules. Pancakes as often as possible are a personal priority, but beyond that I try to keep them fairly busy and somewhat regimented by scheduling camps and classes at a decent, but not breakneck pace for all. My goal is to strive for happy, tired and fulfilled children and we often succeed whether or not our planning comes into play.

This summer kicked off with a bang. We started heading to the Boardwalk with summer passes the first day after school got out and promptly packed our steady beach bag. There’s something about being able to head to the amusement park that I grew up going to during the hot days of summer that just makes me so happy. I love that the nostalgia of the salty air and crazy rides will be a part of their childhood memories forever, just like they are mine. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk happens to be located really close to where Jack and Zoe are participating in Junior Lifeguard camp weekly, so we often pack our Micro Kickboard Scooters to help haul them up and down the wharf with their gear quickly and easily (not to mention very fun). We keep the scooters in the back of our car next to the stroller and Theo’s blanket at all times because really, if we can make sure to make our transportation is fun, we are all so much happier. Some lessons from New York City will stay with us forever.

The best parts of summer, to me, are in the long hot afternoons spent just hanging with family. As much as I love planning big adventures and vacations, I think I can really appreciate the most simple of moments with my children; from backyard slip n’ slides, bubbles and popsicles, to neighborhood walks to our favorite park. Zoe and Beau particularly love riding their Micro Kickboard scooters through our neighborhood together to play make-believe on the castles and with their chariots on the playgrounds. Now that he is pushing 45 pounds, Beau is finally big enough for the Maxi Kickboard so all three have matching scooters. This is a crucial detail for my third child who so desperately wants to be doing exactly what his older siblings are. The handlebar grips and easy turning radius make this scooter an essential in our every day lives that can also make for a smart investment, as the adjustable handle bar grows as the kids get taller. With Independence Day around the corner, the festive streamers make for an especially exciting jaunt around town. While this holiday is about so much more than red, white and blue themed elements, it’s a really fun way to get them excited and curious about an important holiday to in our lives and our family. Childhood and freedom are-and should be-synonymous, exemplified in their unscripted dialogue and timelines for their days and lives. Independence Day always seems to be a culmination of my favorite things about what we appreciate most in life: family, freedom, childhood, playtime and celebrations without feeling the materialistic draw and pressures of other holidays.

What has officially settled in as a summer staple for our family, we will head up to Tahoe to spend the Fourth of July on the lake. There are usually tons of people, barbecues, beach adventures and activities-all things we appreciate so much about our lives here in California. This is a holiday were we truly come together as a family and as a community to celebrate our tremendous gifts. Being able to spend time together while the kids enjoy an active day is crucial to the well being and synchronicity of our summer days. I especially appreciate certain tools and essentials for making our summers fun and easy no matter what we do or where we go, and these Maxi Kickboard Scooters are certainly one of them that we’ve employed for nearly five years.

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