Micro Sprite Review by Two Wheeling Tots

A top-notch kick scooter in both quality and durability and a clear winner in both appearance and performance.


BEST FOR: Kids who want a smoother, more nimble ride than a traditional kick scooter


  • Precise design and construction result in a super smooth ride and tight maneuvering
  • Lightweight frame makes for easy jumping
  • Fast!
  • Beautiful, anodized aluminum stem comes in lots of color options


  • None!

The Sprite is a top-quality Swiss kick scooter designed with sophisticated style and built for smooth, precise performance. 


From the moment I pulled that shiny red scooter out of the box, I had a swarm of young boys begging me to be the first to ride. They soon discovered that the Sprite was better than any other scooter on the block and I had brothers and neighbors fighting over temporary ownership.

While the Sprite is a “traditional” kick scooter, it’s definitely a high-end version. It’s solid, durable, and most importantly, a smooth ride. Our testers loved that they could ride “so fast” and didn’t “feel bumpy over all the sidewalk lines”. When they did small jumps off the curb, “the landing didn’t hurt” and it was “easier to jump high”. Eloquent, no, but as an adult tester, I can attest that it really is the simple truth. The scooter feels sturdy and fluid beneath you and doesn’t have that “clackity clack” joltiness.

From afternoons spent riding up and down the block and jumping off curbs, to hours at the skate park, and even a 3-mile ride with mom, our testers couldn’t get enough of the Sprite!

The larger (120mm) polyurethane wheel in front and smaller (100mm) wheel in back, precision in design and construction, and superior craftsmanship all contribute to a smooth and nimble ride for big and small riders.  I even had one 5th grader articulate that the Sprite was so much more “maneuverable” than his other scooter!

Because the Sprite was such a smooth ride compared to other kick scooters we’ve tried, I contacted the manufacturer to double check that there was no suspension system.  Indeed, there is not! They credited the smooth ride to several things, including quality materials, precision engineering and tight construction.


Handlebar Height: The Sprite’s adjustable handlebars allow riders to grow with the scooter, or for the whole family to ride!  With almost 12″ of adjustability from min to max (they adjust from 22.5″ to 34″ from the deck) the scooter was a comfortable ride for everyone from our 8-year-old tester to the grown-ups.

However, if you’re an adult looking for a scooter exclusively for yourself, the Micro Flex or Micro Classic in Black are better suited for adults because they have a taller maximum handlebar height.

Weight: At 5.5 lbs., the Sprite is lightweight and easy to maneuver for anyone 6+. The weight is pretty standard for scooters in this category.

Weight Capacity: With a 220 lb weight capacity, even Dad can ride this scooter! (We won’t tell you how close he came to the max weight.)

Age: 6+


Foot platform

With its gorgeous anodized aluminum colored finish, the foot deck of the Micro Sprite is a step up from other kick scooters. Its sturdy build and 13.5″ of usable foot space make it a comfy ride even for Dad. (For comparison, our Razor A5 has 12.5″ of usable foot space.)


The handlebars are a standard t-bar with soft foam hand grips. The ends, however, have upgraded soft rubber bumpers that will protect hands from falls and also will hold up better than traditional foam after getting scraped on the ground during falls or if the scooter is laid on the ground.


The stem of the Sprite is a beautiful, smooth anodized aluminum that comes in 7 different colors.


The wheels are a high-quality, bump-dampening polyurethane. The front wheel is 120 mm while the back wheel is 100 mm.


The Sprite’s standard scooter brake is upgraded by texturizing the metal for better grip and less slippage.


The Sprite is super easy to fold for compact storage. If you don’t care about compact, the kickstand is even easier to use for upright “parking” storage.

Kickstand: The two-way kickstand can be kicked up forward or backwards to keep it out of the way while riding. We recommend kicking it forward because it’s then easier to grab it with your toe to engage it for parking.

Folding the Frame: The frame is folded in 3 easy steps as shown below:

(1) Pull  up on the lever

(2) Push the button

(3) Fold down

Folding the Handlebars: The handlebars also fold down in three easy steps:

(1) Push the button to disengage the locked handlebar

(2) Pull the handlebar out of the stem

(3) Fold down and place in the handlebar holder


We haven’t seen another kick scooter with the quality and durability of the Micro Sprite. With its beautiful anodized aluminum finish and smooth ride, it’s a clear winner in both appearance and performance. While not the cheapest scooter on the market, it’s well worth the price tag.

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