Micro Sprite Scooter Unboxing

Thank you for purchasing the Micro Sprite scooter! It’s a great choice for riders ages 6+. Inside the display box should be your Sprite in its folded down position, your instruction manual packet with allen keys, and your scooter safety tips poster.

To unfold your scooter, begin by unfolding the quick-release lever. Next, press in the chrome folding block button to engage the folding action. Listen for the block to “click” into upright position. Finish by clamping your quick-release lever. (If your clamp feels too loose or too tight, you may need to adjust it using the clamp tension dial, near the chrome folding block button.)

Depending on rider height, you may need to raise the handle bar. To do so, unlatch your handle bar clamp, and raise to desired height, then re-latch clamp.

When raising the handlebar up to the tallest height setting, a locking pin will pop out to secure the handlebar. You will need to press in this locking pin to lower the handlebar from the top height setting.

Finally, the scooter’s two-way kickstand can come in handy. Please note that you can kick it both forward and backward.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your scooter.

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