Micro's 2018 Year In Review

2018, what fond memories! We were able to partner with some of our favorite brands, made our scooters more widely available (check us out at Target!), released some awesome new colors & styles, saw your little scooter stars take on the neighborhood, and watched in awe as more of you welcomed Micro into your homes than ever before. Thank you!






As we begin the new year, we’re excited to look back on what was most loved in 2018, who you are, & where you (our Micro friends) come from. So without further ado, here is our 2018 Year In Review!


Top Mini & Maxi Colors

Our Mini and Maxi Deluxe scooters continued to be a big hit with their adjustable T bars, anodized stem to prevent rusting, silicone-injected deck to prevent slipping, and as always, the safety, quality, and fun for which they’re known. This year, the same 3 colors dominated our orders for both the Mini and Maxi Deluxe scooters.






For the Mini Deluxe, Purple gets the bronze, Pink gets silver, and Blue takes the gold.





The Maxi did a bit of a swap with Pink coming in third place, blue taking second, and Purple beating them both as our most popular Maxi Deluxe color.


Top Accessories





2018 was the year of personalization, and we have plenty of accessories to do it! Our colored lights and bells aren’t only for safety; Micro friends loved the personal touch they add, and chose their favorite colors and designs to add some scooter flair. Hair blowing in the wind is not enough for many of our Micro friends, as our Micro Streamers grew exponentially in popularity. Overall, Micro lights came in 3rd, bells took second, and streamers landed themselves in first place.


Top Adult Scooter





We mean it when we say you’ll want a scooter when you find out how much fun your kids are having! Our robust adult scooters are perfect to round out your family fleet. Our adult top seller of 2018? Our sleek, best-selling Micro Classic in White scooter!


Top States





While we shipped out orders to every US state in 2018 (Puerto Rico, too!), there were a few that stood out from the crowd with their love of Micro. Micro scooters were brought into the most homes in (5) Massachusetts, (4) Illinois, (3) Texas, (2) California, and (1) New York.



Top Sprite Color


2018 Year In Review Blog



Perfect for ages 6 to adult, we often call the Sprite our most versatile scooter. (You could also call it Houdini for the way it magically folds up so small!) We introduced several popular limited-edition colors this year, but the tried and true Sapphire Blue Sprite reigned supreme as the most popular color for this scooter.



Top City





Back to talk of locations, we also looked into the most Micro Friendly City (that is, the city where you can find the most 2018 Micro scooters). With the state of New York taking first place, it’s no surprise that the city with most orders of 2018 (over 5,000 scooters!) is New York, New York. Thank you, New Yorkers for welcoming Micro into your homes!


In First Place, With The Highest Overall Score...





This post would be remiss if we failed to mention our best selling scooter of 2018. It’s a classic and a staple that has been loved for years by many. 2018’s best selling Micro scooter is… the Micro Mini Original in Blue!



2019 is here, and we’re excited to bring lots of new surprises with it. Stay tuned, Micro Friends! We think it’s about to be the best year yet.


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