Micro's Guide to Scooters for Parents

Scooting isn't just for kids... it's for parents too! With more and more studies citing the benefits of spending both quality time with your children, and quality time outdoors, many parents are opting to join their children for a favorite activity like riding scooters! 

When researching scooters for parents, be sure to purchase from a quality, trusted brand. You won't want your scooter to break in the first week of use, or to experience rattle & shake on your rides! Luckily, you're already off to a great start with Micro. 
Listed below are our top scooter models for parents.

Micro Classic

One of our most popular scooters for parents, the Micro Classic comes in both white and black. You can expect an effortless ride on the Classic, as its deck is just 1-inch off the ground (less bobbing while you ride!) and its large PU (polyurethane) wheels offer superior glide. Like all of our adult scooter, it folds allowing for easy transport and compact storage. Don’t just take it from us! Here’s what real reviewers said:

“I got the Micro White as a way to keep up with my twin 4 yr old boys on their Mini's. They go pretty fast and running after them was becoming a hassle. Now that I have my own "scooter", we go everywhere together. To the park, around our neighborhood, etc. I love how convenient it is and fun it is to be a kid with my boys. Definitely well made and enjoyable for any parent!” - Kim Miyasaki

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Perfect for larger adults and bumpy sidewalks, the Micro Suspension is our tallest and most solid build. It has our highest weight limit, accommodating adults up to 250 lbs. This scooter is called the Suspension for a reason! This scooter is Micro’s tallest and most robust 2-wheeled scooter, with a patented dual-suspension system. The front and rear suspension work together to isolate the rider from shocks and vibrations, helping you to float over the sidewalks. Take on the cracks and bumps on the pavement with ease! Reviewers love the Suspension. Here’s what one had to say:

“I spent too much time researching around a dozen different brands of kick scooters—who knew there were so many options? I settled on the micro-suspension scooter because many of the reviews boasted about how smooth it rides. All the hype was true! This scooter destroys all other brands, including the noisy, rattling Razor scooters. This scooter is well built (very strong and sturdy yet still portable when folded up) and unlike virtually every other scooter on the market, they sell the individual parts that a most prone to breakage and wear.” - AnniesDad22

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Looking for a mix of the Suspension and Micro Classic? Here it is! The Micro Flex offers more suspension than the Micro Classic, but more ease than the Suspension. It’s the best of both worlds and a favorite among Micro employees. With its fiberglass reinforced marine plywood deck (think: skateboard), it absorbs bumps in the sidewalk for a comfortable ride. The deck is also a comfortable distance from the ground allowing ease to be the focus of your ride. We’re not the only ones who think the Micro Flex is perfect for mom and dad! Here’s what real parents had to say:

“Got this scooter as a mother's day gift and I love it! I wanted to get a scooter for a long time now and this one is just excellent. I can keep up with my 2 kids (almost 3yo and a 4yo) who have micro kickboards and they just love them. Also got one for the daddy as a gift and now we love to stroll around on them. They go super smoothly; easy and fun to ride.” - Liza

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If you're riding Micro, you really can't go wrong! All of our scooters are made with care and designed with real people in mind. 

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