Micro’s Most Popular Holiday Gifts for Tweens:  Ages 8+

2017_tweens_guide.png2017_tweens_guide.jpgMicro has quality scooters for every age - even for the tricky in between ages (aka, “tweens”).  Whether it’s curving and carving on a 3-wheeled scooter, or cruising on a 2-wheeler, we have your Tween covered.  Check out Micro’s best rated scooters for Tweens below.

Maxi Deluxe

ages 5-12


The Maxi Deluxe is Micro’s most updated version of this high quality, award-winning scooter.  Designed for ages 5-12, the Maxi Deluxe features vibrant colors with matching anodized T-bar, a special anti-slip Micro logo to provide better grip when scooting, and a lean-to-steer design that results in smooth, safe turns.  With an adjustable handlebar, this cool ride grows with children through age 12 or 110 pounds.  Kids (and parents!) love the years of outdoor fun the Maxi Deluxe provides, making it the ideal gift for the holidays.

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Micro Sprite

ages 8+


If your child is ready to roll on a 2-wheeled scooter, the Sprite is a great option.  Designed for ages 8+, the Sprite has an adjustable handlebar that ‘grows’ with your child so it can cruise along with upper elementary kids through their teenage years.  The Sprite is lightweight, strong and has a fantastically smooth glide.  The Sprite can be folded up quickly and easily for carrying or storing away in lockers.  This top-rated scooter is a must-have gift for the holidays!

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ages 8+

png-Mixed_ Speed + Rocket feet.png

The Rocket is another great 2-wheeled scooter option for kids ages 8+.  Not only does the Rocket have cool looks, but it also provides a unique ride.  The Rocket’s extra-grippy fat wheels are smooth gliding and good on both paved and unpaved surfaces.  This is the must-have gift this holiday season for the young adventurer.

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