Mother's Day Activities for Kids and Moms

Moms are the MVPs and if you’re a scooter-loving kiddo, there’s a good chance that Mom is the one who picked your scooter and helped you learn to ride. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan a special moment to show mom just how much you appreciate her! Get the Micro scooters involved with these 3 activity ideas to make this Mother’s Day one to remember.


Scooter Picnic

Grab carryout from Mom’s favorite cafe, or take time to prep a delicious spread at home to enjoy on a picnic! Pack it all up with a blanket and scoot to a scenic spot to enjoy together. Bonus points for including handmade cards telling your matriarch just how much she deserves celebrating!


Scooter Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect activity for highlighting all of Mom’s special qualities. Make notes telling mom what you love about her: maybe a story about her thoughtfulness, a drawing of her amazing hugs, a poem about her kindness, or a note telling her how totally gorgeous she is. Distribute your notes and drawings along a path, leave clues, and invite Mom on a scoot to find all of the things you love about her.


Neighborhood Clean Up

Does your mom love giving back to her community? Tag along with your clean up crew and make your neighborhood shine with a clean up by way of scooter! Grab some trash bags and gloves, and head out on your Micro scooters to pick up litter around your neighborhood or local park. You’ll all feel great knowing that you’re making a difference - together!

This Mother’s Day, spend some quality time outdoors and celebrate your amazing mom. 

Whether you’re enjoying delicious food, searching by scooter in the fresh air, or making a difference in your local community, Micro scooters make for the perfect vehicle to have fun, go on adventure, and make memories! Looking for the perfect ride for Mom? Check out our full collection here.

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