NEW! Micro Cruiser LED Neochrome Scooter

We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Micro scooter family - the Cruiser LED Neochrome! Get ready to experience a new dimension of style, performance, and excitement on every ride. Here's why the Cruiser LED Neochrome is a must-have for scooter enthusiasts:


🌈 Mesmerizing Neochrome Finish

The Cruiser LED Neochrome stands out with its stunning neochrome finish, reflecting an array of colors as you glide through the streets. Is it gold? Silver? Pink? Blue? Green? YES to all the above. It's not just a scooter, it's a work of art!


✨ Illuminating LED Wheels

Equipped with dazzling LED light-up wheels, the Cruiser Neochrome adds an extra element of fun and visibility to your journeys. Powered by the energy created by scooting, the Cruiser’s LED wheels are a “no batteries, no fuss” way to make your every ride brighter. Be the envy of your friends as you light up the sidewalk!


⚙️ Smooth-Gliding Performance

The Cruiser LED Neochrome is designed for a smooth and effortless glide. With its precision engineering and sturdy construction, paired with its chopper-style handlebars and groovy large wheels, you’ll love coasting from A to B.

📏 Adjustable Handlebar

Our scooter is built to grow! The adjustable handlebar ensures that growing kiddos ages 6+ can find the perfect height for a comfortable and ergonomic ride. The handlebars adjust from 27" to 32" high as your child grows.


🛴 Micro’s Unbeatable Quality

As with all our products, the Cruiser LED Neochrome scooter is crafted with utmost attention to quality. You can trust in its durability and performance, making it a reliable companion for countless adventures.

Don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to own the cutting-edge Cruiser LED Neochrome! Experience the thrill of riding in style while turning heads with the vibrant neochrome finish and captivating LED lights.

Click here to learn more about its features and make it yours.

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