New Scooter Instagram Gifs Have Arrived!

Here at Micro we love seeing your scooting adventures. We’re tagged in a multitude of posts across Social Media every day showing us where you’re riding Micro. One of our favorite ways to see where Micro goes is on Instagram Stories.


We thought… How can we make this more fun for our Micro enthusiasts?


Our answer: Micro GIF’s.




Now, when you go to post a video on your story, you can choose from several Micro gifs to add. From our kids scooters, to adult and electric, and even our Micro Luggage, you can include a little extra Micro Flair with each post!


How do you find them? In Instagram Stories, go to add a GIF like you normally would. In the search bar, you can type “Micro” “Scooter” or “Kickboard” among other things to find our GIF’s. Simply select which one you’d like to use, and BAM! You’re in business.




Make sure to tag us @microkickboard for a chance to be featured!


Have an idea for a Micro GIF? Leave it in the comments! We’re always making new ideas come to life.


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