Our Top Tip For Your New Mini or Maxi

If you’ve purchased a Micro Mini Deluxe or Maxi scooter, you may or may not have heard about our number one tip. In our unboxing videos, we reveal something you should do before taking your scooter for its first ride.


Our top tip? Tighten the clamp.


On scooters with adjustable handlebars, the clamp may be loose from temperature changes while shipping. Without a tightened clamp, your telescopic T-bar can continuously slide down into the stem of your scooter, which is problematic for 2 reasons. First, your handlebar will not stay at the desired height, and second, continued dropping of the T-bar into the stem can damage your scooter.


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So how do you tighten it?


Our Mini and Maxi scooters come equipped with a no.5 allen key which can be used to tighten the clamp. Pro Tip: Make sure the latch is open while tightening.


Once that’s all set, you’re ready to ride!


Like any vehicle, you scooter requires periodic maintenance. Wondering what needs keeping up and when? Check out our Scooter Check-Up Checklist.

Take Me to the Cleaning Checklist!

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