Rad Rides for ages 6+

Looking for the perfect “cool kid” scooter? You want something well made, exciting, and cool enough to use for years to come. Let’s review our favorite scooters for ages 6+! 

Maxi Deluxe Pro: This ride with wide, chopper-style handlebars is designed for ages 5-12 to have deeper curving and carving action. A fun twist on our bestselling Maxi Deluxe, the Pro is available in our most striking color combinations. 


Sprite: The Sprite is a total stunner for ages 6+. Built with Micro’s Swiss engineering, its smooth glide will keep them riding longer than other scooter brands. The Sprite’s lightweight frame is perfect for kids who are on the move, allowing them to just click the folding button, collapse the scooter, and stow it away. It's also available as the Sprite LED with light up wheels! 


Chilli Base: Ready for a new style of ride? Try a Chilli scooter! Micro’s newest line of scooters are perfect for the skatepark and the sidewalk, bringing a new level of cool to ages 6+. Available in several new colors, the Chilli Base is our top pick for those looking to take their scooters to the extreme.


Chilli Corey Funk: Perfect for taking riders from beginner to winner, this Chilli scooter was German engineered and designed by pro scooter legend and youtuber, Corey Funk! An awesome way to bring the cool factor from the skate park to the school yard, the Corey Funk scooter provides skater style at an awesome price point.

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