Radiant Rides: Exploring Micro Kickboard's LED Scooters

Get ready to light up your child's outdoor adventures with our vibrant LED scooters!

Engineered for durability, dripping with style, and guaranteed to spark endless smiles, our LED Micro Kickboard scooters are the epitome of fun on wheels.

In this post, we'll take you on a thrilling journey through each gem in our LED Scooter Collection, showcasing their unique features and undeniable charm.

How do the LED Wheels Work?

Our motion-activated LED wheels shine for about 60,000 hours of operation: that works out to around 5 years of scooter riding, or 80,000 wheel rotations!

The wheels are electromagnetic with a dynamo built into each wheel hub. A dynamo uses the laws of electromagnetism to create electric power from the rotation of the coil - it's basically a small generator. In short, Micro's LED wheels do not require batteries for the magic to begin!

Whether your little one is zipping through the neighborhood, exploring the park's winding paths, or tagging along on errands, these scooters promise to inject an extra dose of excitement into every ride.


Micro Mini Three-Wheeled LED Scooters

Micro Mini Glow Plus LED Scooter (ages 2-5) 

Get ready to glow brighter than ever! Experience vibrant fun with LED lights in the kickboard deck and wheels, powered by motion for battery-free excitement. For additional flare, the hand grips, brake and handlebar logo all GLOW with UV rays from the sun or artificial UV light.


Micro Mini Glitter LED Scooter (ages 2-5)

Sparkle and shine with glitter-embedded LED wheels, making life feel like a fairytale! Plus, the adjustable handlebar ensures a perfect fit for growing children, supporting the development of balance and coordination skills.


Micro Mini Foldable LED Scooter (ages 2-5)  

Our Foldable Mini is for traveling tots and kids on the go. Just click, fold, and carry by the T-bar. Featuring a stable 3-wheel kickboard design, this ride provides confidence for young riders. Plus, the light-up wheels add that extra pizzazz for adventures to come!


Micro Mini2Grow LED Scooter (ages 1-6)

This ride will grow with your kids for years, with four easy-to-transition stages that let little riders sit, stand, and develop their riding skills from ages 1 to 6. Kids will love the LED wheels no matter what stage they are in, and the youngest riders will benefit from the parent push-bar to help power their first scooter adventures.


Micro Mini LED Scooter (ages 2-5)

Illuminate daytime rides with eye-catching light-up wheels--it's a party on LED wheels! The adjustable T-bar encourages longevity as children grow, ensuring durability and sustainability for safe and bright adventures.


Micro Maxi Three-Wheeled LED Scooters (ages 5-12)

Micro Maxi Foldable LED Scooter (ages 5-12)

With a quick fold, it’s ready to pop into the trunk for family trips or tuck away neatly in a locker at school. With its super portable design, it folds easily for convenient storage and transport. But the real magic happens when you start to scoot: the wheels light up with every kick, creating a light show that will follow you wherever you go!


Micro Maxi Pro LED Scooter (ages 5-12)

The Maxi Pro’s extra-wide wheels don't just provide superior balance and a smooth ride—they light up with every spin, creating a trail of vibrant, dancing lights that make every scoot an eye-catching adventure. Plus, the chopper-style handlebars grow with your child ensuring longevity. 


Micro Maxi LED Scooter (ages 5-12)

Grow with confidence on our Maxi LED scooter, designed for elementary-aged kids and beyond! Perfect for those who love a mix of fun and functionality, this scooter’s LED wheels turn everyday rides into sparkling, joy-filled journeys!


Two-Wheeled LED Scooters

Micro Sprite LED Pearl Scooter (ages 6+)

This portable and foldable design features elegant LED Pearl wheels, ideal for cruising in style while staying visible during the day. Beyond its stunning style, the Micro Sprite is loved for its remarkably smooth glide. Supported by an adjustable T-bar, it accommodates a wide range of ages.


Micro Sprite ECO LED Scooter (ages 6+)

An ECO-conscious design with recycled materials and cork handles, complemented by gleaming LED wheels for added fun and visibility during ECO adventures. Its lightweight and foldable design means transportation is made easier.

Micro Sprite Neochrome LED Scooter (ages 6+)

Stand out with a reflective Neochrome finish and LED wheels--perfect for shining bright on the scooting path. Plus, this two-wheeled scooter sports an adjustable T-bar for comfortable and safe excursions, great for growing riders.


Micro Sprite LED Scooter (ages 6+)

Enjoy a smooth glide with LED light-up wheels, featuring durable construction and a foldable design for convenient travel and storage. Perfect for a daytime zip around the neighborhood or cruise through the park, this scooter isn’t just a ride, it's a dazzling light display that follows wherever you go.


Micro Cruiser LED Neochrome Scooter (ages 6+)

Experience unique style with a Neochrome finish and LED wheels. This sleek ride is not just about getting from A to B—it's about turning every journey into a glowing adventure. Its comfortable chopper-style ride makes for a secure ride and its foldable design makes it easy to store and transport. This Neochrome wonder ensures visibility and excitement!

Micro Cruiser LED Scooter (ages 6+)

Enjoy smooth gliding with large LED light-up wheels, chopper-style handlebars, and a foldable design, ensuring premium comfort and control during daytime rides while promoting visibility and excitement. Plus, the motion-activated light-up wheels make every ride even brighter and more fun!


LED Scooter Luggage

Micro Scooter Luggage Junior LED (ages 2-5)

Say hello to the ultimate travel buddy: our scooter luggage with light-up wheels, adding a splash of fun to your travels! Combining a scooter and luggage into one, the Luggage Junior adds functionality to adventures. This lightweight and compact design is suitable for those traveling tots, with easy storage and convenient transportation options.

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