Ride Micro - Fashionable Fun with Four Kids!!

Lindsey is the author of one of our favorite parenting and fashion blogs, The Motherchic.

She has a great eye for fashion, takes great photos, and with 4 kids, has a lot of interesting and fun commentary on parenting!

Lindsey recently posted an awesome photo on Instagram of her and her 4 kids (age range 1 to 8) ALL riding Micro, with Lindsey riding her newest “fashion accessory,” the Micro Classic in Black!  

We loved the image so much that we decided to ask her about her scooting experience, and we loved her comment; “The best part about riding scooters with my boys is a combination of the fresh air, laughter, and them seeing me be a kid. We ride our scooters year round and it never gets old.” 

At Micro Kickboard we have actually heard similar things before...kids seem to LOVE it when Mom or Dad gets on a scooter or kickboard - and it’s definitely the best way to keep up with them!

Thanks for making our scooters look so “chic” Lindsey, and for sharing how fun it is to scoot with your kids!  

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