Scooter Glow up with Micro Sprite LED Neochrome

Looking for the best scooter for kids? It can be difficult to compare the quality and feel across brands, especially when shopping online. 

We reached out to @emma_and_olivia_play to get their honest feedback on the Micro experience with our new Sprite Neochrome LED scooters. As riders of another brand of scooters, we knew their family would be able to identify the differences in features that separate Micro from the rest. We hope their experience helps you in your consideration of the best scooters for your family! 


Scooter Unboxing: 

Emma and Olivia’s parents handled the unboxing of the scooters, preparing for a time-consuming task. “My husband took out his tools to put the scooters together and started opening the boxes to find they were pre assembled. He was ecstatic lol!”

That’s Swiss-design and modular construction at work! We want to make it easy on Micro families to get scooting as quickly as possible. Just unfold your Sprite scooter, tighten the clamp with the included allen key, and you’re off!

“To only have to adjust the bar height was a huge win already. Then he started checking them out and kept raving about the quality - I can honestly say this is not something he does often.”

You’re not alone, Dad! We often hear that it’s “love at first ride” with Micro, and no wonder! We use only the best materials for quality you can feel. 


Let’s ride: 

The girls were ready to roll within minutes. 

“Olivia noticed right away the ombre coloring was a bit different on both, which she (and Emma) loved!”

The finish on Micro’s Neochrome scooters are unique and offer slightly different variations between scooters. 

Olivia said, “Exact words - it’s like a tie dye shirt where both are different in their own way and makes them even more cool and unique.” Well said, Olivia!


As for the scooter’s features? Here’s what they had to say:

They both love the soft, squishy handles and light up wheels. They said the ride is SO smooth and the scooter is super easy to maneuver. They can’t stop obsessing over these scooters! Not a single negative! 

After a few days of riding, their mom said “thank you so much for these incredible scooters! Their little minds were blown away!”

Don’t miss out on your own “love at first scoot.” Shop the Sprite LED Neochrome now!

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