The Best DIY Costumes for Kids

Whether your crafting skills are freakishly good or slightly scary, Halloween is a great opportunity to test your creative limits.

The best DIY Halloween costumes for kids are those with personality, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites over the years!

And, of course, we especially love costumes you can incorporate your scooter into! Scooting from house to house while trick-or-treating helps save those little legs from tiring out before you've made it around the whole neighborhood, and our three-wheel scooters stay upright when not in use, letting kids easily hop on and off while they're collecting treats on Halloween night.

Read on to get inspired...

Micro Kickboard Halloween Costume Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Costume

Break out the stuffed animals for this cute and quirky costume! You’ll need a robe, some stuffed cats, safety pins, and a wig. 

Featured Scooter: Mini Deluxe

 Micro Kickboard Halloween Costume ET

Elliot & E.T. Halloween Costume

One of our favorite costumes year-to-year, all you’ll need to dress as your favorite E.T. characters are a sweatshirt, basket, blanket, and cutout of E.T. Attach your extraterrestrial friend to the handlebars of your Micro Scooter, and you’ll be phoning home in no time.

Featured Scooter: Mini Deluxe


Micro Kickboard Halloween Costume Witch

credit @yourbirdcansing

Witch Halloween Costume

Why not keep it simple! Find a spooky outfit around the house, throw on a witch’s hat and you’ve got a costume. This classic getup screams “Halloween.”

Featured Scooter: Maxi Deluxe LED

 Micro Kickboard Halloween Costume Olympics

Credit @laurenmancke

Olympians Halloween Costume

An easy DIY that can be accomplished with some athletic gear and the letters “U.S.A” (or your country of choice), Olympic Athletes are a classic costume that everyone will love. Let your kids help craft gold medals out of items you have around the house.

Suggested Scooter: Mini Deluxe Foldable


Micro Kickboard Halloween Costume Hungry Hungry Hippos

Credit @laurenmancke

Hungry Hungry Hippos Halloween Costume

Bring family game night to the forefront with this group DIY costume for kids! Just wear monochromatic clothing, attach some white balls, and fashion yourself a hippo head (hot tip - a baseball cap is a great shortcut!).

Suggested Scooter: Maxi Deluxe LED in coordinating colors

 Micro Kickboard Halloween Costumes

No matter your costume, Micro scooters are the perfect companion for Halloween night.

Allowing your family to keep up with the crowd and scoot from house to house, we love the Mini Deluxe Magic for ages 2-5 and the Maxi Deluxe Foldable LED for ages 5-12.

These scooters stay upright when not in use, allowing children to easily hop on and off while they collect their treats. 

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