The Best Kids Scooters For Spring Fun

The world of kids' scooters is brimming with excitement, and if you're on the lookout for top-notch quality, safety, and style, Micro Kickboard has got you covered! With over two decades of expertise in crafting Swiss-designed scooters, Micro has become synonymous with consistent quality, rigorous safety testing, and innovative design. Let’s roll and explore some of the best Micro Kickboard scooters, perfect for a spring filled with outdoor adventures.

Why Choose Micro Kickboard?

Micro Kickboard is a trusted name in the industry, offering scooters that grow with your family. Highly designed with adjustable handlebars and a variety of sizes, Micro scooters cater to beginners and experienced riders alike, ensuring joyrides for years to come.


Mini 3in1 Scooter

Perfect for Ages: 1 to 5 years

The Mini 3in1 is an ideal choice for the youngest riders. This versatile scooter grows with your child, transitioning from a ride-on with a seat to a stand-on scooter. Its adjustable handlebars and sturdy design make it a durable and safe option for toddlers taking their first scooting steps.


Mini LED

Perfect for Ages: 2 to 5 years

The Mini LED is a fantastic choice for young riders who want to add a playful touch to their scooting adventures. With its adjustable handlebars and (no batteries required!) LED wheels, this scooter promotes balance and coordination skills while offering a fun and vibrant riding experience for toddlers.


Special Edition Mini 

Recommended Ages: 2 to 5 years

Looking for a scooter that stands out? The Special Edition Mini is a stylish and unique option! With our colorful design options and the same dependable features you love, this scooter lets your child ride in unicorn, rocket, doodle dot, or monster style, and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Kid riding Micro Maxi LED red scooter

Maxi LED

Ideal for Ages: 5 to 12 years

As your child gains independence, the Maxi LED provides the perfect ride. With an adjustable handlebar and an easy-folding mechanism, this scooter is not only versatile but also portable. The LED wheels (no batteries required!) ensure that your child stands out while enjoying a comfortable and stable ride.

Micro Cruiser LED scooter (Aqua)

Micro Cruiser LED

Recommended Ages: 6 years and up

For kids aged 5 and up, the Micro Cruiser LED combines style with functionality. The LED wheels (no batteries required!) not only add a cool factor to your child's ride but also enhance visibility during their adventures. The Micro Cruiser LED is designed for a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience, making it a favorite among young riders.


Chilli Rocky Neochrome

Recommended Ages: 8 years and up

The Chilli Rocky Neochrome is a scooter that doesn't just stand out—it shines! With its vibrant neochrome finish, this scooter is a stylish choice for older riders who want to make a statement. It combines performance with aesthetics, providing a thrilling riding experience for those seeking a scooter with personality.

When it comes to choosing the best scooter for your child, Micro Kickboard offers a diverse range of options to suit every age and skill level. From the Mini 3in1 for the littlest riders to the ultra-popular Mini and Maxi, to Chilli Rocky Neochrome for the older thrill-seekers, Micro Kickboard ensures a spring season filled with outdoor fun and excitement. Explore the entire scooter collection by Micro Kickboard now and find the perfect scooters for your family's adventures. Let the springtime scooting begin!

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