The Chilli Zeppelin: Rediscover Your Roots

Chilli Zeppelin Street Complete Trick Scooter

Remember the thrill of your first trick scooter? The wind in your hair, the joy of nailing that perfect trick, and the pure fun of zooming around with friends? Here at Micro Kickboard, we’re bringing back that excitement with the Chilli Zeppelin, a scooter that’s as stylish and tough as your childhood memories.

Born to Shred, Built to Last

The Chilli Zeppelin is designed with premium components to deliver both performance and comfort. It’s a scooter made by riders who know what you need to enjoy every moment on wheels. And it comes from the best name in high-end stunt scooters for all ages and skill levels on the market: Chilli Pro Scooters.

Master the Slides: With a big 6.3" x 23" deck and a unique square-edged design, plus a comfortable 3% concave top deck, the Zeppelin gives you incredible stability and control. Whether you're just cruising or showing off your old tricks, this deck has got you covered.

Smooth Operator: Chilli’s SCS compression system ensures every ride on the Zeppelin is smooth and precise. Here’s why SCS is a game-changer:

Unmatched Stability: The SCS system integrates the clamp and compression into one solid unit, minimizing flex and maintaining a tight connection between the bars, fork, and deck. This means superior control and stability, especially when landing jumps or grinding rails.

Reduced Maintenance: With fewer parts to worry about, SCS cuts down on the need for constant tightening and adjustments. Spend more time enjoying your ride and less time tinkering.

Durable Performance: The quad-clamp design distributes the clamping force evenly, creating a stronger, more reliable connection that can handle the demands of your most daring rides.

Massive Wheels: With 30mm x 115mm wheels, the Zeppelin offers superior ride comfort and control, making every journey a joy.

Go Big or Go Home: The towering 28" tall handlebars and a width of 24" give you superior control and leverage, perfect for riders who prefer a larger setup.

Built to Last: The Zeppelin isn't just about looks. It’s equipped with high-quality parts, including 115mm x 30mm wheels for a perfect blend of speed and control, and ABEC 9 bearings that keep you rolling smoothly.

Make a Statement: Stand out with the captivating custom graphic on the underside of the deck. The Zeppelin lets you showcase your unique style on every ride.

For Riders of Any Size: The Chilli Zeppelin is more than just a high-performance machine; it’s an investment in your riding future. With a weight limit of 220 lbs., it’s perfect for riders of various sizes and skill levels. As your skills grow, the Zeppelin will be right there with you.

Join the Chilli Revolution

The Chilli Zeppelin isn’t just a scooter; it’s a symbol of street supremacy and a gateway to rediscovering your street scootering roots. Ready to roll back the years and make new memories? Click here to learn more about the Chilli Zeppelin and see if it’s the one for you.

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