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If you’ve got a getaway on the brain, that means it’s time to start looking at Micro’s travel lineup! Swiss-designed Micro products are made to simplify your travel routine so you can leave the bulky and unnecessary at home.



 In this post, we’re giving you the rundown on our top-recommended products for travel just in time for your next escape.





Micro Luggage 3.0: Our upgraded Micro Luggage is perfect for your next trip, as it allows you to scoot through the airport, across the train station, and beyond. Never miss a gate change again! With all of the stress that travel can bring, allow the Micro Luggage 3.0 to get you where you’re going quickly, and efficiently on this scooter-suitcase.



Luggage Eazy: Micro’s Luggage Eazy is a total game changer when it comes to traveling with kids. Free up your hands, ditch the big bulky stroller, and don’t even think about a child-leash. Your little one will love cruising from their new vantage point on your suitcase and you can be certain that they’ll be secure, entertained, and happy. Our upgraded plush velcro front textile adds play time to the Luggage Eazy’s list of accomplishments, as your little one can use it as a canvas for our velcro patches. Plus, pack every last thing with its upgraded Swiss-storage design compartments. Another win for the Luggage Eazy! Simplify your travel routine with this multi-functional travel gadget.



Micro Sprite: We hear from avid travelers that the Micro Sprite is a lifesaver for their family vacations. The Sprite’s miraculously compact design allows it to fold up and easily be packed into a suitcase for a jaunt to any major city or suburban oasis. Use it to head from attraction to attraction and fit more into your days. Weighing in at just 6 lbs yet supporting up to 220 lbs, you can count on the Sprite to help your whole family see more of your destination than you thought possible.




Mini & Maxi Deluxe Scooters: While these two scooters may not be considered the quintessential travel item, our Mini and Maxi scooters offer several benefits to your travel routine. First being that they are ultra compact. The T-bar on these scooters pop in and out easily, meaning you can quickly transition them from storage, to ride, and back again. Not only are they convenient to pack, but you can count on your scooter to keep little ones moving throughout the day. While scooting cuts walking time in half, it allows you to exert less energy, meaning it will take much longer for them to tire out.


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Just ask the Truebloods (@jaimietrueblood) who are touring the country with School of Rock: The Musical! Their sons ride their Maxi Deluxe scooters everywhere they go. Jaimie says they’re a total life saver for their short stops in each city, and are an easy addition to pack up for life on the road. Plus, the scooters save them a ton of money on taxis and Lyfts!

Our friend Lindsey at @simplifyingtheeveryday have nothing but rave reviews for Micro's Lazy Luggage (first generation of our Luggage Eazy), too. Lindsey said: "Having the right stuff makes life a whole lot easier when traveling with young kids. They are amazing! They roll like a dream, hold a decent amount of stuff, fit perfectly in the overhead bins, and most importantly allow us to move through the airport with both of our kids at normal adult speed. Plus the kids love them." After being stopped by multiple people at every airport, Lindsey was more than happy to share the Micro Love!

Micro has brought fun and convenience to hundreds of traveling families over the years. Which product is best for your travels?

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