Travel Smarter With The All-New Luggage Eazy!

There’s travel and then there’s Micro Travel. What’s the difference, you ask? The difference is fuss. Travel is fussy. It’s having to put that bag strap on your shoulder time and time again. It’s pushing the stroller, and dragging the carry-on up the escalator, and it’s digging through multiple bags to find what you’re looking for. It’s upset kids and broken wheels, and that feeling of “I can breathe... but only when we reach our destination.”




Here at Micro, we think you should enjoy the journey. It should be fuss-free! We think traveling with the whole family can actually be fun (for both kids & adults). We’re always wondering, “how can we make this better?” and you’re in luck, because we thought of a whole bunch of big Micro Travel ideas that led us to our all-new, redesigned Luggage Eazy.




Say goodbye to all that doesn’t spark joy! (That means you, travel stroller) We’re embarking on new paths with a multi-functional travel gadget that fits the needs of today’s traveling family. Now featuring increased storage capacity, an easy-access large front pocket, and a plush velcro front textile for added play, you can travel knowing everyone will enjoy the journey.




What sets the Luggage Eazy apart from other travel apparatuses is its unique ride-on seat for children. This family travel staple allows for a sturdy and fun ride for kids as parents pull them through the airport and beyond. Children beginning at 18 months can sit comfortably on the luggage at the base of the handle, with added comfortable handlebars to ensure a secure ride for your child.




The Luggage Eazy comes equipped with a folding front set of wheels to stabilize your child while riding. When you’re ready to take off, simply fold the wheels back into the suitcase, pop it into the overhead bin or under your seat, and you’re good to go!


Ready to take your travel to new heights? Simplify your travel routine, ditch the fussy travel accessories, and shop our first-class Luggage Eazy to for your next trip!




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