Tyler's Micro Story

So, your family is touring with Miss Saigon & Tyler is little Tam. When and how did you get the part?

Tyler’s agent shared a casting for the role back in August. He auditioned, then received a call that he was selected to play the role right after Thanksgiving. We scrambled to get all the paperwork and school sign-off and hit the road in December!

I can only imagine how difficult it was to pack for a nationwide tour! How did your Maxi scooter make the cut?

We are allowed 2 suitcases each, plus are given a trunk to store our bulky/heavy belongings that gets transported by trucks from city to city. What we liked most about his Maxi Scooter was that the T-Bar can be removed easily and stored when it was travel day.

Micro's foldable scooters like the Mini, Maxi, and Sprite would also make for great travel companions!

What’s something people might not know about living life on tour?

Being on tour has many perks, we love visiting new cities, sightseeing, and eating at each of the cities’ well known spots. You will soon become a travel pro in packing the necessities (like Tyler’s favorite toys, Switch, books, and of course Hot Wheels cars). It’s super cool taking backstage pics, and photo ops around each city to add to our life long memories.

We think scooting is the best way to get around. Where is the best place you’ve ridden your scooter on tour?

Oh there were many cities we visited (over 21!), but in no particular order: LA, Denver, Omaha, San Diego, Boston.

Lightning round for Tyler!

What's your favorite snack? Pocky (Japanese Chocolate covered biscuit sticks)

Favorite movie? Alvin & the Chipmunks

Favorite color? Navy

Something random about you? I love cars! Any model or make, I can name it 99% of the time.

One last note from Stephanie:

Since being on tour, we updated Tyler’s scooter to the Maxi Deluxe. When our housing is a walkable distance, he usually scoots to school / performances Tuesday-Sunday.

We would like to send a shout out to my Saigon Family, and a big high five to my Mom & Dad for following me along as I performed for over 10+months as Tam. Can’t wait to come back home and scoot around Long Island again and try it in the snow!


What a year! Do you think you could handle life on tour? Tyler and his family have proven themselves to be total super stars. We love seeing them take their Micro on the road!

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Big thanks to Stephanie and her family for sharing their journey on tour! We sourced this post's photos from Tyler's Instagram where you can follow along with their adventures. 

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