When to Size Up to a Maxi Scooter

Thinking your Mini scooter may be a bit small? We can help! Micro has a few items to check when it comes to sizing up to a bigger scooter to make sure it’s safe, fun, and easy. Keep reading to discover when we recommend moving from the Mini to the Maxi, our top guidelines to make sure it’s the right fit, and the reason we may recommend riding the Mini for a bit longer.

Weight limit: One surefire way to know that your child has grown out of their Mini scooter is their weight! Our lean-to-steer scooters operate by children leaning their body weight from side to side in order to steer. Each scooter model is designed to be a perfect fit for its weight range and ideal for children at different stages of growth. The minimum weight for kids to properly ride and operate their Maxi scooter is 35 lbs. Below that? We recommend sticking with your Mini a bit longer! With weight maximums above 35 lbs, we recommend riding Mini Deluxe scooters until they’re ready for the Maxi. Usually this is around age 5! All of our 3-wheeled scooters have been safety tested up to 110 lbs.

Handlebar height: While we recommend weight to be the deciding factor when looking to bump up to the next size scooter, handlebar height can play a part as well. We recommend that scooter handlebars rest between the rider’s belly button and mid-chest. If your child is quite tall and their handlebars are looking a bit short, it may be time to start looking at a Maxi 3-wheeled scooter. Take a peek at your child’s weight to determine if they’re ready to make the switch! Below you’ll find our handlebar height ranges for our 3-wheelers.

Mini Original: 24” (fixed T-bar)

Mini Deluxe: 17” - 25”

Maxi Deluxe: 24” - 34”

Deck Size: Ideally, both of a child’s feet should fit on the deck of their scooter. If your child’s feet seem like they may be too big, check their weight! If he or she weighs at least 35 lbs, Check out the Maxi. The larger Maxi deck helps accommodate children of a bigger size, which is one reason our Maxi T-bar doesn’t fit into a Mini deck (a common question among those looking to size up!) 

Weight vs. Height

Because of the nature of a lean-to-steer scooter, weight plays an important role. If a child doesn’t weigh enough, they won’t be able to properly steer their scooter (as it relies on weight shifting to move left or right). While it is important to take overall size into consideration, it is more appropriate to focus on the weight of the child looking to move from the Mini to the Maxi.


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