Where To Ride Your Scooter - 30 Ideas

Summer is in full swing, which means we’re in the thick of scooting season! Lather on the sun block because we’re challenging you to 30 days of scooting!

We’ve all heard about the benefits of an active lifestyle, but what really counts is a consistent exercise routine. Even for kids! Get in the healthy habit of moderate exercise daily with the perfect form of light exercise -- riding your scooter! Whether it's a Micro Mini or a Maxi, you'll get plenty of exercise while out and about on your scooting adventures.

From the local playground, to a loop around the block, or traveling to a friend’s house, consider your Micro Kickboard scooter before you reach for the car keys and see if you can complete our 30 days of scooting challenge!

We’ve made a sample calendar with 30 ideas of things to do and places to go with your scooter. Make your summer super fun with these scooting ideas!

Print out a copy for yourself, and mark off the activities as you scoot your way towards 30 days of fun!

Here’s what’s on our list:

1. Ride to the park

Warm up before you hit the monkey bars with a scoot to your local park.

2. Scooter races

On your mark, get set, go! Set up a start and finish line to keep kids occupied for hours. Don’t forget your helmet!

3. Trip to get ice cream

Feel free to check this off your list more than once! 

4. Ride around the zoo

Many zoos allow kids to ride scooters. Check with your local zoo to see if you can scoot!

5. Go to the library

Have an adventure on your way to your local collection of written adventures! Choose a book and let your mind wander.

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6. Scoot to the local splash pad or pool

Cool down in the summer heat with 1. Your scooter’s built-in breeze and 2. Your local pool or splash pad!

7. A day at the skate park

Go during an off-time and scoot around the skate park’s curves. Make it even more fun with a Mini or Maxi light-up scooter!

8. Bring your scooter to a picnic

Pack a picnic to enjoy at a nearby spot and ride scooters to get there!

9. Go to the animal shelter

Volunteer a few hours playing with animals at your local shelter! Hop on your scooter to make your way over.

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10. Sports practice

Have practice during the summer? Warm up with some light exercise by scooting there! Our top pick for athletes? The Micro Sprite!

11. Scooter parade with neighbors

Set up a neighborhood scooter parade for all of your scooter kiddos. Add glow sticks, music, and streamers to make it even more fun!

12. Take a lap around the neighborhood

Breathe in the fresh air with a scooter ride in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Just make sure not to ride in the dark!

13. Try a new lunch spot

Support a new (or new-to-you) business with a delicious meal & a scoot to get there.

14. Find a place to watch the sunset

Enjoy the perfect sunset weather! Head to your favorite vista by way of your Micro.

15. Farmers Market

Stock up for the week and emphasize a healthy morning when you scoot to the farmers market.

16. Head to an outdoor concert

Toss a blanket in your backpack and scoot to see some live music!

17. Try scooter bowling

Get ahold of some durable foam or plastic bowling pins (like these!), aim, then scoot to knock them down! See how many you can get with each try.

18. Hit the bike trails

Hop on your local bike trail (be sure there’s plenty of room for scooters too) and get going!

19. Check out a nature reserve

Enjoy the life that Summer brings, whether it be new & exciting plants, insects & bugs, or animals! Be sure your local reserve has trails to keep scooter wheels intact.

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20. Have a scooter-wash

Ditch the car wash and have a scooter wash instead! Check out our recommendations on the best ways to keep your scooter clean.

21. Scoot to an outdoor movie

Catch a favorite flick under the stars and bring your scooters! Show up a bit early to have a snack and scope out a safe spot to scoot!

22. Set up an obstacle course

Break out the cones to scoot around and show off your skills! Shop our rainbow collection here!

23. Scoot through the sprinkler

It’s the best way to cool down! Just be sure to dry your scooter when you’re done.

24. Ride to a festival

Summer is the season for festivals and carnivals! Be sure to lock your scooters up when you’re not using them. A cable lock or a combination lock are both great choices for keeping your scooter secure.

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25. Decorate, then ride around the block

Spend a few hours getting crafty with your scooter. Try decorating empty toilet paper rolls to glam up the handlebars! Be sure to use materials that keep your scooter intact and safe!

26. Watch fireworks

Scoot to your favorite fireworks vista to enjoy summer's evening warmth. Make sure to use your Micro light and hitch a ride home so you’re not riding in the dark!

27. Scoot while you walk the dog

Your pup’s got to get some exercise, so why not scoot with him!

28. Go to a birthday party

Roll up on your own set of wheels and tease the birthday kiddo’s new favorite gift, a scooter of their own!

29. Scooter scavenger hunt

Hide prizes and make clues for a scavenger hunt! This is also a great indoor activity, as our wheels are non-marking and won’t damage your floors.

Micro Maxi Deluxe - Folding scooter & Maxi Deluxe Petrol Green

30. Ride to school

Check out your new digs for the upcoming school year, meet a friend on the playground, or hang with other families at an ice cream social!



Did you complete the 30 day scooting challenge? Tag us on social media @MicroKickboard to share your adventures!

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