Which Micro Mini Scooter is Right for You?

Mini Original: Our tried and true classic. The Mini Original offers our signature lean-to-steer design and precision Swiss engineering at an affordable price. With a fixed T-bar to accommodate ages 2-5 and a textured deck to keep feet planted, the Mini Original ticks all of the boxes for scooter must haves. Like its Deluxe counterpart, the Mini Original has been safety tested up to 110 lbs.

Mini Deluxe: A step up in style and features, the Mini Deluxe boasts an adjustable T-bar with exceptional range, allowing tiny & tall riders alike to enjoy the journey. The T-bar stem is also anodized and matches with the color of your scooter. Additionally, the raised silicone grip on the scooter’s deck not only provides traction for tiny feet, but it also absorbs some of the vibration while riding, allowing for an even smoother Micro glide.

Mini Deluxe LED: Hand selected Mini Deluxe scooters with all of the same features, plus motion activated LED light up wheels! Get the same quality of our wildly popular Mini Deluxe, available with lit wheels in select colors.

Have you met your perfect match yet? Whichever Mini you decide to purchase comes with our gold standard 2-year manufacturer warranty, plus a lifetime of support from our award winning customer service team. Not to mention the stylish, fun, and long lasting design that only comes from Micro. Have a question or need a more personalized recommendation? Click here to contact us!