Which Micro Mini Scooter is Right for You?

Looking for the perfect set of wheels for your little one? Look no further! Micro’s award winning lineup of smooth gliding, long lasting scooters are here to help keep your child active & having fun for years to come. Our Mini scooters for ages 2-5 are a great starting point for little riders; but what are the differences between models? Does it fold? Do the wheels light up? Are the handlebars adjustable? In this post, we’re showing off all of their best features.



The highest quality baseline model available anywhere! The Micro Mini scooter boasts an adjustable T-bar with exceptional range, allowing it to grow with riders. The T-bar stem is anodized to protect against wear and tear, with the bonus of coordinating with the color of your scooter’s deck. Additionally, the raised silicone grip on the deck not only provides traction for tiny feet, but it also absorbs some of the vibration while riding, allowing for an even smoother Micro glide. All Mini scooters are safety tested for ages 2-5 and support up to 110 lbs.

Mini ECO

“Long lasting” now lasts even longer! The Mini ECO is part of our Eco Collection; Micro’s line of scooters made with parts from recycled ocean plastic. The Mini ECO matches Micro’s rigorous standards for superior ride and construction and comes in our exclusive Eco Green colorway. Micro Kickboard donates a portion of annual sales to 1% for the Planet, which supports environmental efforts around the world.

Mini LED

Hand-selected colors with all of the practicality of the Mini, plus motion-activated LED light-up wheels! Get the same quality as our wildly popular Mini, now available with lit wheels in select colors. 


Mini Foldable LED

The Mini Foldable LED is perfect for on-the-go families! Its one-touch folding mechanism makes it perfect for quick and easy storage. Plus, your kiddo will light the way with its LED wheels! Packing for a weekend getaway, the school-to-sports shuffle, or a trip to the park? Just push, click, fold, and go with the Mini Foldable LED!


Mini Special Edition

This scooter is our go-to for parents looking for a ride with personality. This scooter has a variety of designs featured on the scooter deck to give your little rider a custom feel to make every ride more fun!


Mini Glow Plus LED

Our brightest ride yet! This ride harnesses the power of motion and UV light to activate its LED light and glowing components. Its hand grips, deck, brake and handlebar logo all glow when the lights go down, thanks to the power of UV rays from the sun or artificial UV light. As your little one rides, motion-activated LED lights in the front wheels and scooter deck illuminate for a ride that truly shines!


Mini Glitter LED

Fairy fun or cosmic cool? Choose your own magical adventure with the Mini Glitter LED! Take enchanted journeys with the Mini Glitter in Fairy Purple, or blast off into the atmosphere with the Mini Glitter in Galaxy Navy. This scooter is the ideal choice for little explorers with BIG imaginations! 


Looking for the whole lineup? Explore our Mini collection here.

Have you met your perfect match yet? Rest assured that any Mini you choose comes with our gold standard 2-year manufacturer warranty, plus a lifetime of support from our award winning customer service team. Not to mention the fresh, fun, and long lasting design that only comes from Micro. Have a question or need a more personalized recommendation? Click here to contact us!

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