Which Scooter Accessory is Best for Kids?

Parents come to Micro when on the hunt for high-quality products that are designed to provide a safe and fun experience for riders of all ages. So, it’s no wonder Micro is also the “it” brand when it comes to scooting in style! 

In addition to our range of scooters, Micro Kickboard offers a wide range of accessories that are designed to make scooter adventures safer and more fun. 

Looking to alert others of your presence? Try scooter bells and scooter lights! Or add some pizazz to your kiddo’s ride with a best-selling set of Micro Streamers, or an action-packed Micro Bag.

Scooter Safety Accessories:

Red Micro Scooter Bell

Safety is a top priority, and our range of safety accessories reflects this commitment. Micro’s scooter bells are a simple yet effective accessory that alerts pedestrians and other riders of your presence. They are easy to install and come in a variety of colors to complement your scooter style. 

Looking for another popular option? Micro scooter lights pack a punch! They are available in a rainbow of colors and can be easily attached to the scooter’s handlebar, making it easier for other riders and pedestrians to see you.

Scooter Adventure Accessories:

Micro Bag

For those who enjoy taking their Micro scooter on adventures, the Micro Bag is our go-to recommendation! It is designed to fit on the T-bar of Mini and Maxi scooters and is perfect for bringing supplies along, like a scooter lock or snack. Or if your child loves finding little treasures like rocks and flowers, it’s a great place to tuck them in for the ride home. Each Micro Bag is made of high-quality materials and is available in several styles to suit your child’s interests.

Scooter Style Accessories:

Micro Scooter Streamers

Adding a touch of style to your scooter is easy with Micro Kickboard's range of accessories. Our best-selling Micro Streamers are a fun accessory that adds a pop of color and captures the breeze. They are available in different colors and can be easily attached to Mini and Maxi handlebars. 

Bring a friend on every adventure with our ultra-popular Scooter Heads! They come in a variety of animal designs, including dinosaur, unicorn, and shark.

From safety accessories like our scooter bells to adventure accessories like the Micro Bag, and style accessories such as Micro Streamers and Scooter Heads, we have something for everyone. Even better? They’re easy to install with options galore. So why not take your Micro scooter to the next level and get rolling with a new scooter accessory!

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