Toddler Tuesdays at Hudson Yards
Come to Hudson Yards the first Tuesday of every month for Toddler Tuesday! We’re opening our doors before the rest of the mall exclusively for you and your little ones to test ride toddler scooters like our Mini 3in1 Deluxe, Micro Trike, and Mini Deluxe. In this safe environment, toddlers will feel comfortable getting their bearings around our scooter test track.
Micro's Guide to Scooters for Mom and Dad
Scooting isn't just for kids... it's for parents too! With more and more studies citing the benefits of spending both quality time with your children, and quality time outdoors, many parents are opting to join their children for a favorite activity like riding scooters! 
Where To Ride Your Scooter - 30 Ideas
Summer is in full swing which means we’re in the thick of scooting season! Lather on the sun block because we’re challenging you to 30 days of scooting!
How to Choose the Right Commuter Scooter
Congrats! You’re considering an alternate mode of transportation for your commute. We may be biased, but we think scooters are the way to go! Not only are they eco-friendly and ultra popular, scooters are also some of the most compact and lightweight modes of transportation you can find! For a commute that’s convenient and fun, we’ve compiled our best commuter scooters here for your comparison.
Check Up Tips For Micro Children's Scooters
Your scooter is built to last through thick and thin, adventure after adventure. We like to say Micro scooters are virtually indestructible! Although crafted with the utmost care, keeping your scooter in good working order takes a bit of care on your part, too! We’ve created this checklist for you to make sure your scooter is safe and fun for your next adventure.
Top Summer Toys 2019
Summer has arrived! And while there’s plenty of fun to be had playing tag and splashing in puddles, sometimes the right toy can totally transform your summer.
How To Tell if Your Helmet Fits
It's essential to wear a helmet while scooting, but how do you know if your helmet is a good fit? The first step is ordering a Micro Helmet in the correct size.
Micro Mini 3in1 Scooter for Toddlers
Life is an adventure, even at the earliest stages. As children explore and learn, they grow. Designed by Micro Mobility in Switzerland, the Mini 3in1 is a quality toy that helps develop a young child’s balance and coordination.
National Scooter Day 2019 in Chicago
Each year we celebrate National Scooter Day on May 19th, and this year we went all out! Hosting National Scooter Day across the USA, Micro was present in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In this blog post, we’re recapping our day at the Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon in Chicago!
Assemble & Disassemble Your Mini Scooter

Looking to assemble or disassemble your Micro Mini Original scooter? It’s simple! Here’s our how-to guide.

Maxi Scooter for kids 5-12
School-aged kids find adventure wherever they go. Traveling the sidewalks, around the neighborhood, to school and back.
Micro Sprite Scooter Unboxing
Thank you for purchasing the Micro Sprite scooter! It’s a great choice for riders ages 6+. Inside the display box should be your Sprite in its folded down position, your instruction manual packet with allen keys, and your scooter safety tips poster.
How to Raise and Lower a Micro Adjustable T-bar
Thank you for choosing Micro! The following video will demonstrate how to raise and tighten the handlebar on your Micro brand scooter.
Best Scooter for a 1 year old? The Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe
Like the name suggests, the Micro Mini 3in1 is 3 rides for 3 ages, all in one box. Designed by Swiss company Micro, for the evolving toddler, the Mini 3in1 starts as a ride-on for one year olds. It can then be transformed into a traditional Mini scooter. This can be ridden by children up to age 5.
All-New Micro V2 Unicorn Helmet
If you're looking for Unicorn Accessories, you've come to the right place! In this post we walk you through our favorite parts of our all new Unicorn Helmet
Micro's Best Scooters for Moms
Shop the perfect gift for fun-loving moms. Micro Scooters are the original, top-quality scooters for every age. Explore why moms love us for their kids, and themselves!
Our Top Tip For Your New Mini or Maxi
Keep your scooter's handlebar in great shape by following our #1 tip. Tighten the clamp on your scooter! This ensures that your scooter lasts for yers to come and makes riding way more fun. We show you how in this post!
All-New DTLA Scooter Lock
Use this DTLA Bluetooth Scooter Lock for your electric scooter! We've chosen the perfect lock that brings tech and quality to the forefront if its design.
New Scooter Instagram Gifs Have Arrived!
We now have Scooter GIF's! Looking for the best way to post about Micro? Head straight to Instagram Stories and search for our growing collection of GIF's.
Maxi Original vs Maxi Deluxe - Which should I choose?
Wondering which Micro scooter to choose for your child? While the Maxi Original and Maxi Deluxe are very similar, there are some differences to note. So when it comes to the Maxi Original v. Maxi Deluxe, we're breaking down all of the key points
Mini Original vs Mini Deluxe - Which Should I Choose?
Wondering which scooter is best for your 2-5 year old? Our Micro Mini Original and Mini Deluxe scooters are both ideal options. In this post, we're reviewing the similarities and differences between the two.