Helmet Purchase Terms

Thank you for adding a helmet to your cart!

I agree and acknowledge my understanding that:

  • Helmets are not returnable or exchangeable (i.e. all sales are final). This is a policy created for sanitation purposes to ensure the safety of all customers.
  • When ordering online, measuring the head size prior to choosing the appropriate helmet size is the ONLY way to be sure it will fit.
    • *Note: Each child’s head is a unique size and shape even when taking measurements. Therefore, there is still a chance this helmet may not fit your child due to his/her head shape.
  • If a helmet is even a half-inch too big or small, it will not properly protect the head. It is not recommended to buy a size-up (i.e. too large) and plan on the recipient growing into the helmet—this creates a dangerous situation until the recipient has actually grown to the appropriate size.

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