Policies & Procedures

MICRO KICKBOARD - Policies & Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the Micro products. We, Micro Kickboard, www.microkickboard.com, are the US distributor for the Swiss company, Micro Mobility. Please review our policies and procedures below before completing the agreement/application.
1. Our Service to You – We believe great products deserve great customer service. You deserve the best, and Micro Kickboard will strive to provide that.
2. Pre-Payment - Orders that are prepaid with credit card or check will receive FREE SHIPPING. All new accounts typically start out on pre-payment for first active 12 months.
3. Shipping - We ship daily from Michigan via UPS. Orders normally ship within 1-2 business day(s). A confirmation from UPS is sent via email when your order ships.
4. Online Sales – It is Micro Kickboard’s policy to sell our products for resale in brick-and-mortar stores. This policy is a result of our business model, which involves the narrowest of margins when selling wholesale. We are happy to allow brick and mortar stores to promote/sell the products via their own store website only. This policy allows us to stay in business and keep wholesale prices as low as possible for our stores. We appreciate your understanding and compliance.
5. MSRP/MAP – We request all of our stores to maintain MSRP pricing or higher at all times except during designated Micro Kickboard sales. Email notifications will be sent during these joint sale periods. The MSRP pricing is our MAP.
6. International Selling – The Swiss manufacturer, Micro Mobility, has distributors in each country, therefore, international selling/shipping on any and all Micro products is strictly prohibited by us and our accounts. We ask that you exclude Micro products from all international selling/shipping offered. We again, appreciate your understanding and compliance.
7. Territories – We regret that Micro Kickboard is not able to protect store territories. We look for quality stores to carry our quality Micro products. However, as a result of copy products that sidestep patents and aggressively market the copies using Micro descriptions and logos, it has become necessary for us to defend the Micro brand by offering our products wherever quality products are sold. It is encouraging for all parties that in circumstances where additional stores have been added, sales have increased for each store. In our experience every Micro scooter sold promotes the sale of the next one.
8. Order Procedures
a. Order Minimum – One case pack of 4 pieces (same color and style).
b. Order Quantities – Orders need to be in increments of 4 per style (for ex. 8, 12, 16).
c. Order Entry – Stores with existing accounts may place orders as follows:
i. online: www.wholesale.microkickboard.com
ii. email: orders@microkickboard.com 
iii. fax: (616) 242-0524
iv. telephone: (616) 242-0044
9. Damaged Good Returns/Mis-ships - If a store receives a shipment containing a damaged product, damaged display box or a mis-shipment, you must contact us within 30 days of receiving shipment to make corrective arrangements. If only the display box is damaged, please do not return the scooter. Kickboard will be glad to send you a replacement display box at no cost.
10.Customer Service, Scooter Repairs and Replacements – This is an important part of our agreement with stores. We are proud of the quality of our products and proud of our Customer Service which stands behind them.
The scooters have been designed with a modular construction which means that if an individual part wears out or is broken, the part can be replaced so that the scooter will work again as intended.
We therefore strongly suggest that you make customers aware at the time of purchase that all parts can be replaced. The replaceable parts feature is one that customers love because it means children can use their scooters daily, year after year, making this incredible value for the price. This is possible because our scooters are designed, built and tested to be exceptionally durable when used as intended. Our scooters are designed for cruising, not jumping curbs or doing stunts.
If a customer calls a store with a problem, the store may choose to handle the problem by calling us themselves or to provide our Customer Service telephone number 888.236.5657 directly to the customer. Replacement parts are available from Micro Kickboard for a nominal fee.
Please note: Micro Kickboard cannot issue credits to stores if a replacement scooter is provided to a customer without receiving prior approval from Micro Kickboard. People who buy our scooters love them because they are so useful, well designed and durable. This will provide you with a lot of referral business, and new sales from existing customers as they upgrade to the next model.