10 Most Important Scooter Safety Rules

We get it... who wants helmet hair? Did you know that wearing a helmet can reduce the chance of a brain injury by 85%? Keep yourself and your kiddo safe by wearing a helmet and following these Micro Kickboard approved scooter safety guidelines:

Wear a safety-approved helmet that fits properly. A properly fitted helmet should touch all the way around your head. Be sure to tighten those straps!

Wear elbow and knee pads. Save yourself from cuts, bumps, and bruises in case of a fall.

Stay on the sidewalk when riding - avoid wet or broken sidewalks.

Always stop at street corners, looking both ways, and walk your scooter across the street.

Scoot at a safe speed and follow traffic safety rules.

Adult supervision is recommended for children riding scooters. Hop on a scooter and join in on the fun! (Plus, it's great exercise!)

Check scooters regularly to make sure they are functioning properly.

Be respectful of pedestrians sharing the sidewalk. A Micro Bell is a great way to let someone know you are coming up behind them!

Scoot only in daylight for best visibility, and avoid scooting in the rain.

To stop, quickly step off the scooter while still holding handle bar. If you do not feel safe easily stepping off the scooter, you are going too fast and need to slow your speed.

The safety of our riders is highly valued at Micro Kickboard. Be sure to check out our fun safety video below, and invite your children to watch also!

Are we forgetting a scooter safety tip? Comment below to share with us.