5 Ways to Foster Imaginative Play with Micro

Did you know that play is one of the driving forces behind your child’s learning? It’s true! Imaginative play allows your child to explore their thoughts, feelings, and environments in an unstructured way: no rules, no goals. They role-play scenarios that they have seen or would like to see - with or without props. 

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Some examples of imaginative play are cleaning, cooking, flying, fighting bad guys, taking care of a baby, swinging through the jungle, hosting tea parties, becoming the president, and going to space. 

Props can help with imaginative play, and give your kids a little extra boost to their creativity. Dig into the dress up closet, create a set, or break out the LED scooters to really let their imaginations run wild. 


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Encouraging imaginative play allows kids to just be kids, and releases them from the pressure to perform. Thought leaders believe that this kind of play helps build confidence, social, language and problem solving skills, creativity, and it keeps them active! We often see kids using their Micro as the centerpiece for their imaginary scenarios. Here are some ideas on how you can set the scene for imaginative play for your children:


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  1. OlympicsWhether it’s speed skating, track, or steeplechase, your little one can imagine going for the gold on their own Olympic ride. Invite siblings or friends to make the competition even more fun! 
  2. Riding a dragon/ unicornBring your Micro to a scenic destination whether its a park, playground, or back yard and let your little one’s imagination soar! Ride below magical trees, above a haunted flower bed, or alongside an enchanted lake. Pop on one of our fan-favorite scootaheadz to bring a friend along on every ride.
  3. Going to space3…2…1… blast off! How quickly can your child blast off on their Micro? Enhance their play with a related book. There are so many awesome titles to choose from!
  4. Car washA perk for keeping your child’s toys clean, the car wash has been a longtime favorite way to play with Micro. Break out the hose, sponge, and cloth to get your child in the zone! And check out this post for our cleaning tips.
  5. Theme park rideWhat a thrill! We know that a scooter ride can get kids' adrenaline pumping, so take it to the next level with theme park imaginative play. Does the ride have a name? Does it go upside down? When does it go left and right? Let their creativity run wild!

There’s something about summer and fresh air that really crank our imaginations into gear. Take advantage of your family’s extra sunlight hours to make time for imaginative play and let your little ones explore where their minds can take them.


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