7 Trick or Treating Safety Tips by Micro Kickboard


Halloween is an exciting night for kiddos and parents alike! Check out these Micro-approved tips for a fun, safe night of trick or treating:



1. Plan your child's treat or treating route in advance. Choose a familiar area to your child that is well-trafficked and well-lit. Let your child know how long you are going to allow them to trick or treat, and plan their route accordingly! (Also, be sure to check local ordinances and your town's designated trick or treat times!)


2. Walk, don't run - and stay on the sidewalks! Better yet, incorporate a Micro scooter into your child's costume. This will encourage them to stay on paved paths and will allow them to get door to door quickly! For little ones, take along a Mini2Go so they can store their candy right in their special drawer.


3. Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks. It gets dark early this time of year, so always encourage  your child to be on the lookout for vehicles, and check both ways before crossing the street.


4. Go with your child! Any child under 12 years old should be accompanied house to house. Have your group of older kiddos use the buddy system throughout the night.





5. Avoid incorporating masks into your child's trick or treating outfit. This can obstruct their vision - which is important on this busy night, especially when crossing the street. Instead, consider child-friendly, non-toxic face paint.




6. Take a flashlight to light up your path to avoid any spills!


7. Check your children's candy before they eat any. Anything homemade or not in it's original wrapper should be thrown away. Take along some pre-inspected candy so they can snack before getting home. 


 Happy Halloween from your friends at Micro!

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