Scooter Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas by Micro

Bring your scooter this Halloween!

Planning on taking your scooters out for a spin this Halloween? Trick or Treating is way more fun when scooting from house to house! But don’t forget to make sure your costumes are scooter friendly. We’ve rounded up the best kids Halloween costume ideas of 2018 that pair perfectly with your Micro. Check them out!

1. Unicorn

Unicorn Costume

Perfect for a 12 year old, this kids costume is super trendy for 2018! You can find this specific costume here, but anything colorful and sparkly will pair perfectly with a unicorn horn. Looking to up the sparkle factor? Check out our purple Maxi Deluxe LED! It’s got unicorn written all over it. Easy essentials to add this costume include our Unicorn scooter head and rainbow Micro Streamers which both attach easily to your child’s scooter. Be sure to pick a kids unicorn costume that rests above the ankle to keep it scooter-friendly!

2. Jurassic World Employee

Jurassic World Costume

Let your dino fanatic run wild in this super cute kids costume! Source items from a zookeeper costume, your kid’s closet, or local thrift shop. Don’t forget their very own Jurassic World credentials badge! Personalize yours here. This costume is perfect for warm weather climates, but add on longer sleeves and pant legs to make it cool weather friendly. Any of your child's tennis shoes would go well this costume, upping the ante for scooter safety. Our Dino Scooter Head tops off the look and gives your Jurassic lover a cute accessory to use all year round. Let your little one choose from our green Danny Dino or blue Timmy T-Rex. Our suggestion for the perfect scooter pairing? The Petrol Green Maxi Deluxe! 

3. Astronaut

Astronaut Costume

Attention space travelers! This DIY astronaut costume for kids is the perfect costume for crafty parents and your curious kiddos. We love the hanging faux legs, and rocket flame pants- all fairly easy for Halloween DIY crafts! Add a matching accessory like our Rocket Helmet for safety while riding! It's perfect for your young science lover. Get ready for take off on our Mini Deluxe Scooter in Ruby Red. We hope to see a few astronauts scooting in our neighborhoods this Halloween!

4. Princess

Princess Costume

Escort your royal highness around the neighborhood on horseback (sort of) with our pony scooter heads. Choose from purple Lovely Lola, or pink Pippa Pony to act as your child’s guide! Thinking of dressing up in one of 2018’s most popular kids costumes: Belle from Beauty and the Beast? We love this option pictured and this hair tutorial for the perfect Belle bun. Don’t let your princess come home on a pumpkin! For younger princesses, we love the coordinating yellow of the Micro Mini Original. For our older fair maidens, the extra flair of the Maxi Deluxe LED scooter adds a regal touch! Watching a Halloween kids movie is the best way to generate excitement for a night trick or treating. Pop some popcorn and turn on their favorite princess movie to help get in character, all while enjoying each others company!

5. Rex From Fortnite

Rex From Fortnite Costume-1

Hunt down your candy competition as Rex from Fortnite! For the basics, wear all green with an orange bandana or scarf. From there, spice it up with the officially licensed Rex Backpack, and of course, our Danny Dino scooterhead! Willing to forego the scooter head for some extra style points? Try our Maxi Original Joystick in green! Kids love curving and carving using weight transfer and handlebar to steer. Perfect if you plan on using your backpack for candy! 

6. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Costume

Perfect for a group costume, whether for your family or your neighborhood scooting crew! Shop costumes for Nemo, Dory, Crush, and all of your favorite Finding Nemo characters here. Take your kids Halloween costume to new depths with our anemone-mimicking Micro Streamers; and have Dory and Marlin’s friend Bruce tag along with our Shark Scooter Head! Scooter Heads not only add a unique addition to your child's costume, they offer enjoyment all year long. Channel the ocean while scooting on our Mini Deluxe in Aqua, or Maxi Deluxe in Petrol Green. Be sure to brush up on your favorite Finding Nemo quotes to recite while riding from house to house!

7. Mermaid

Mermaid Costume

This mermaid costume is perfect for scooting, with its split-leg mermaid tail, and sparkly fin-flair at the bottom. Kids mermaid tails can often be difficult to walk in, but this option reduces the risk of falls. A friend to all marine creatures, your little mermaid will love riding around the neighborhood with her shark Scooter Head attached to her Aqua colored Mini Deluxe. She'll have gadgets and gizmos aplenty! For extra fun, put a Bluetooth speaker in your child's basket and play your favorite Little Mermaid songs. Your child will love singing along! Make it a family costume by dressing up as other Little Mermaid characters like Scuttle, Prince Eric, and Ursula. 

8. Caveman

Caveman Costume

Do your kids wake up with the craziest bedhead? Then this costume is for you! Step right out of the stone ages in this adorable kids costume. Put together animal print, fur, and leather accents for the DIY route, or buy one online. Channel your inner Flinstone by applying caveman Halloween makeup - the dirtier the better. Give your little Bam Bam or Pebbles a pet from the land before time with our Danny Dino or Timmy T-Rex scooter heads! They attach easily to the T bar of your scooter and make for year-round fun. For this costume, we recommend the Mini Deluxe Scooter in Apricot!

9. Elephant

Elephant Costume

This easy DIY elephant hoodie costume is perfect for helmet-wearing. Just slide the hood over the top of your child’s helmet and go! Keep your kids safe with this scooter-friendly option. Elephants can hear everything with their big ears, but your little elephant might need help catching your attention while scooting! To coordinate, check out our Elephant Safety Set which comes equipped with our 3 safety essentials: a helmet, bell, and light. Continue the pink theme with our Mini Deluxe Scooter!

10. Brite Bomber from Fortnite

Brite Bomber costume

This official Girls Brite Bomber costume is worthy of a victory royale! It offers the perfect Fortnite costume option for your sunshine and rainbow lover, and is scooter-friendly. We recommend the Maxi Deluxe LED in purple for you Halloween ride! At least one of your child's friends will be sure to wear her own Brite Bomber cosplay, so rise above the rest by including our Unicorn Scooter Head and Rainbow Micro Streamers!

11. Dinosaur

Dinosaur Costume

This inflatable costume is a super fun optical illusion for your adventurous kiddo, and scooter friendly! Just move your dino's head to the side while riding. Replace the safari hat with our Dinosaurus Helmet for a coordinated and sure-safe ride while trick or treating. Take the reptilian theme a step further with our green Maxi Deluxe Scooter!

12. Cheerleader

Cheerleader Costume

M-I-C-R-O what does that spell? Micro! Ditch the traditional pom poms for your cheerleader this Halloween and use our Micro Streamers instead! With both a rainbow, and red, white & blue option, they’re sure to match a variety of costumes while keeping hands free. Cheer for the home team on your Mini Original! This Cheerleader kids costume is sure to be a winner.

13. Scientist

Scientist Costume

This is a great last minute DIY costume that can be sourced from home. Layer a button down or polo with suspenders, pocket protector, bow tie or glasses! Looking for a purchase ready option? This one looks great with our blue Maxi Deluxe Scooter! Many schools and museums offer Halloween science experiments this time of year, making this the perfect opportunity to show this scientist costume off. Be sure to have a few Halloween science trivia facts handy for extra fun while Trick or Treating! Top this look off with our Dinosaurus Helmet or Rocket Helmet depending on whether your your child prefers digging in the dirt or looking at the stars!

14. Rapunzel

Rapunzel Costume

Does your child have plenty of attitude, determination, and the ability to generate a youthful glow in others? Then Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled is a great option for this Halloween! We think this costume is super cute, and if the DIY route is more your style, it’s totally manageable. Rapunzel is also a great character for a toddler costume! Just wear lots of purple, and add in a pony scooter head as Rapunzel’s sidekick, Maximus. Don’t forget the braid! Channel Rapunzel’s glowing hair with our Mini Deluxe in yellow. You’ll love watching your little one scoot around the neighborhood in this costume!

15. Steve Irwin


Steve Irwin Costume

Crikey mate! You can’t have too much khaki for this adventure lover’s dream costume. Make it a family costume by dressing your child as Steve Irwin's son or daughter, and have mom and dad lead the adventure! Use our Danny Dino scooter head to enhance your getup with some crocodile flair. Your child will love exploring the Halloween wilderness while riding our Green Maxi Deluxe! And don’t forget the most important accessory-- your Aussie accents!

16. My Little Pony

My Little Pony Costume

If you’ve got a My Little Pony lover on your hands, this colorful kids costume is perfect! Find this specific costume here. Stil debating on which color to go with? Play off the color of your child’s Mini Deluxe! Gear up for the big night by breaking out the crayons on some Halloween My Little Pony coloring pages, or settle in for the My Little Pony Halloween episode. Don’t let your little pony leave the house without their little pony! We offer purple and pink pony scooter heads as well as multi colored streamers that would be a super cute addition to this costume!

17. Clown

Clown Costume

Bring the magic of the circus to your neighbors this Halloween with a cute clown costume! Be sure to test your kid's Halloween clown makeup on a small area a few days before the big night, to ensure that it doesn't irritate their skin. Our scooters integrate well with any age, but we especially love the Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus for our Micro Friends ages 1-5! Whether DIY or purchased, this classic costume is sure to be a hit. Make it even more jolly by adding Micro Streamers to your little one’s ride, or a colorful helmet, like the medium sized Dots Option.

 18. Scuba Diver

Scuba Costume

This easy scuba diver DIY costume is perfect for our Micro Friends trick or treating in colder temperatures! Recycle a water bottle, black clothing, and grab your snorkel gear to channel under water vibes. Find the instructions here! DIY's don't get much easier than this. It’s a convenient option if you’re looking to push your little one from house to house on a Trike XL or Mini 3in1 Deluxe Plus which both come in your choice of red or blue. Don’t forget to complete your kid’s costume with a super fun shark Scooter Head


Happy Trick or Treating to all of our Micro friends! Are you planning to scoot on your Micro this Halloween? We’d love to see. Show off your costumes with #MicroKickboardHalloween. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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