Micro Scooter Makeover

Micro Makeover Since every part is replaceable on a Micro, we wanted to show you an example of how changing out a few parts can make your ride practically new again. 

Looking around one day for the 'perfect' Micro to refurb, we noticed that our friend Drew was in possession of just such a Micro. Drew is in the 5th grade and has had his Micro Maxi kickboard since Kindergarten, so it is about 6 years old. Since the Maxi is designed for ages 5 to 12, Drew is right on target for getting the maximum use out of his Maxi.  
His Mom says he rides it to and from school, about 1 mile round trip, mostly in the warmer months of Sept, Oct, April and May, and about 10 days in June, for a total of about 90 days during the school year. He likes his Maxi for the school run because he can ride with friends and talk as they scoot. He also likes being able to take it inside when he gets to school, rather than locking it up at the bike rack. In the Summer, she estimates he rides it about 30 days, as they are also traveling, going to camp, visiting family, etc. 
If we added up all of Drew's rides, we might conclude that he has ridden about 600 miles, but in the interest of being conservative, we're going with an estimate of about 500 miles over a period of 6 years. 500 miles is pretty awesome. Way to go Drew!
THE MAKEOVER. We sometimes describe the Maxi as 'indestructible' but similar to a car, parts do eventually get worn out and need replacing. Also, kids of Maxi-riding age (5 to12) typically have a lot of energy and can really put their scooters through a lot, so after riding about 500 miles, it isn't surprising that Drew's wheels were a bit worn. Replacing the wheels wll mean that Drew will once again experience the smooth Micro glide, one of the biggest benefits of a Micro Makeover. Replacing the deck is more of a cosmetic decision. The deck gets chewed up when kids run it into a step or curb, it's a playful gesture they all seem to do. The brake had come loose and we had the option of simply bolting it back on but we decided to totally replace it.  Handgrips are important because they are designed to absorb the bumps and help smooth out the ride, making it comfortable to ride distances, so we replaced them as well.
                                                                            AFTER  THE   MAKEOVER
2017 Refurb Your Ride - After Photo Drew.jpg
2017 Refurb Your Ride After Photo with Drew cu-397475-edited.jpg
Seeing Drew's almost 'new' Maxi reminds us that even though we try to remind Micro riders that 'Every Part is Replaceable' we need to say it a little LOUDER and more often, because replacing worn out parts makes all the difference, is quite easy to do, and not very expensive.
One thing we forgot to mention - replacing parts is actually FUN:
The tools required to replace parts are simple and many repairs require only an Allen Key (included with purchase). Most parts replacements can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Many parents work together with their kids, using our Instructional Videos or Repair Directions to guide them. The repairs are simple enough to be actually enjoyable, and they help provide kids with a feeling of pride, ownership and responsibility for their Micro.

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