Comparing 2-Wheeled Scooters for Kids

When every Micro scooter has brilliant features out the wazoo (Swiss-design, modular construction, smooth glide, sturdy frame… we could keep going!), it can be difficult to know just which scooter is perfect for your child. In this post, we walk you through each of our 2-wheeled models to help you find the best fit for your kiddo.


We have several options to get them rolling. Let’s review them!

Sprite Scooters

Our trusty 2-wheeler. We often refer to the Micro Sprite as our scooter that offers most bang for your buck, as you’re getting unmatched Micro quality + a large age range for an awesome price. The Sprite retails for under $100, and offers fun for ages 6 - adult. The Sprite’s weight limit is 220 lbs, meaning this is one scooter you can ride virtually forever, and share with almost every member of the family.

The Sprite folds compactly & weighs under 6 lbs. If you’re looking for a portable & compact scooter for kids on the go, it’s hard to beat the Sprite. Plus, with a lineup of awesome colors, you can be sure that your child will be exercising their personality wherever you go.

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Sprite LED Scooters

Looking for more fun features? The Sprite LED could be your prefect match! It's our same Sprite scooter offered in select colors with motion activated LED wheels. Perfect for kids who want that classic 2-wheeler with a little flair!

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Rocket Scooters

While the Rocket and Sprite are very similar scooters, the Rocket has one main advantage for bumpy roads - its fat wheels! The Rocket’s "fat wheels" may not have the same glide as the Sprite’s thinner PU wheels, but for kids riding on trails & super bumpy sidewalks, the Rocket may be just the ticket. Our friends in NYC love it! Sticking to smooth sidewalks? We recommend a scooter with PU wheels, like the Sprite or Cruiser!

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Micro Cruiser Scooters

The Cruiser was our first kids scooter with chopper-style handlebars. Our team loves this style, as riding is easy & it eliminates any jerkiness from the sidewalk. Its low-set handlebar allows for a relaxed ride, with the hands usually resting below the belly button. The Cruiser also offers large, PU wheels which aid in speed control and offer a ride that feels like a casual cruise. This scooter features a more retro style for kids looking to stand out, and comes in a fun selection of colors.

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kids skate scooter chilli pro scooter for kids

Chilli Pro Scooters 

Our newest line of pro-style scooters offers a new style of ride for kids. For those ready to take on the skate park, Chilli's lineup is the perfect place to start! German engineering combines with the newest trends in skater style to ensure your rider enjoys their new pro ride.

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