Indoor Scooter Play Ideas

Whether it’s snow, rain, or the winter chill, not every day is perfect for a scoot. If your little ones are still itching for a scoot, or they’re just pent up with excess energy, fret not! We’ve come up with our top ideas to keep the scooter-obsessed occupied while indoors.




Indoor Scooter Races

Probably the most simple suggestion on our list, racing on scooters can be an easy game to implement. Set the starting and ending point for the race, whether they’re on either sides of a room, a lap around the kitchen table, or a weaving path through the garage. Keep track of times, or don’t. One of the best things about indoor scooter races is that they can be as formal or casual as you’d like!




Decorate Your Scooter

Break out the craft supplies! If you’ve got a creative mind on your hands, spend your day indoors creating paper chains, signs, tassels, tubes and more to decorate your scooter. Take it a step further with a scooter fashion show or a game of pretend.




Head To The Roller Rink

Call your local roller rink and ask if they’ll allow your kiddos to ride their scooters around. If they’re up for it, load up the kids & scooters and head on over! There’s something magical about riding under the flashing lights with a DJ playing some dance tunes.




Scooter Bowling

If you thought the only equipment used for bowling used for bowling were pins and bowling balls, you thought wrong! Enter the Micro scooter, the bowling ball’s most fun replacement. Prep for the next rainy day by purchasing a kids indoor bowling set. Foam pins, plastic pins, or giant inflatable pins can all be super fun. Find the most lane-esque location in your house, whether it be a long hallway or open spot in the living room, line up your pins, and scoot to see how many you can knock down in one go!


We hope that we’ve inspired you to make your next bad-weather day into the best day ever! Which one of our ideas was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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