Micro Kickboard: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Looking for the best travel hacks for kids, or some game-changing travel gear? 

How you choose to equip your trip can make all the difference, especially when it comes to traveling with kids. We love to help you make it from point A to point B, and certainly know that putting the “fun” in “functional” is our strong suit. So read on for all of our best gear and tips to make your next trip even better.

Why bring my scooter?

The reviews are in! Our customers are convinced that their scooters the best travel companions. They are two times faster than walking and make every journey more fun! Even the littlest family members can keep up and once your destination is reached, the scooters double as fun toys to keep kids entertained. Our scooters also are compact and easy to manage, making them the ultimate travel hack for families.

Best Scooters for Travel

While all of our scooters are lightweight, portable, and perfect to bring on any adventure, there are a few that are specifically made to pack up and go. 

We took your feedback about wanting to bring your scooters… well, everywhere! And developed our Foldable Mini  and Maxi  scooters. These rides build off our existing best-sellers, the Mini Deluxe (ages 2-5) and Maxi Deluxe (ages 5-12) to deliver an upgrade perfect for families on the move. Just push, fold, stow, and go!


Micro scooters are the perfect way to get around at home, and at your travel destination. With just a simple button push and fold, our 2-wheeled scooters are ready to go.


Pushing the red tab on the underside of your Mini  and Maxi  allows you to pop the T-bar out of your Mini  and Maxi, which helps streamline your scooter and makes packing it a breeze.


Top Picks for Travel

Micro Luggage

We’ve created some amazing travel products over the years, but we couldn’t be more excited about our current luggage lineup


Our top pick for families has to be the Luggage Eazy. Available in multiple colorways, the Luggage Eazy doubles down on convenience as a ride-on AND carry-on, with plenty of space to fit all of your essentials. Check your stroller at the gate or leave it at home while you give the kiddos the ride of a lifetime through the airport! Ages 18 mos+ can’t get enough of the Luggage Eazy, and parents call it “a total game changer when it comes to travel.” 

Minimize the meltdowns, capitalize on convenience, and get going on your next vacation!


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