Micro wins Parents.com's "Best Toys of 2022" to Round Out a Year of Awards

Imagine sorting through all of your child’s toys and trying to decide on only 25 to keep. What would you have at the end? The editors at Parents.com are challenged with a similar exercise each year as they sift through hundreds of toys, put them to the test, and name their top 25 products of the year. 

Micro Kickboard is honored to be named in the top 25, alongside some of our favorite brands and thinkers in the kids space. The Mini Deluxe ECO scooter was their top scooter pick in 2022 and we couldn’t agree more. Our Mini’s durable frame and smooth glide has been made even better by knowing your little one’s scooter adventures are helping the planet, as the scooter is made from recycled materials.


Parents Best Toys 2022 Pick: Mini Deluxe ECO Scooter

Parents.com said “A good scooter is often a much-beloved part of a child’s toy collection. The Mini Deluxe ECO scooter does one better: made from recycled fishing nets and plastic, it also allows you to take part in keeping plastics out of the oceans. Durable and sturdy, the Mini Deluxe ECO is easy to ride, giving kids the chance to focus on balancing and scooting without worrying about falling over. Designed for ages 2–5, it’s meant to last a long time, much like our planet.”

As the recipient of a lineup of awards including “best scooters for kids,” “best gifts for 4 year olds,” “gifts that will make you win Christmas” and more, we are humbled to see how much value and enjoyment families get out of our products. 



Over the years, we have pioneered and refined our lineup of scooters, always looking to give families the very best. From grips to wheels and everything in between, we know that Micro scooters outlast the rest and allow children to stay active, connect with the outdoors, and have a ton of fun. We use the highest grade of materials including real rubber for our handgrips, a specially formulated PU wheel for that smoooooth “Micro glide,” durable yet lightweight aluminum, and most recently, scooter decks made from recycled ocean plastic. Combine the best in materials with our unique Swiss engineering and you’ve got a match made in heaven.



One reason why we are particularly tickled by our recognition by Parents.com is the review process by which they choose “the best of the best.” Not only do the editors review the products themselves, they encourage their children to play with the nominees to help make their final selections. When asked about the Mini Deluxe ECO, Editor, Celeste Little, asked her 2-year-old: “Why do you like your scooter?” 2-year-old: "Because I want to ride it. Because I love it."

It’s a simple response, but one we hear often. Children love their Micro scooters; so much so that they often become like family - an extension of the child that accompanies them on scooter adventures, trips to grandparents’ houses, to the dinner table, and even to bed at night. We are so thankful to be so deeply ingrained in our Micro families’ everyday moments! 


We appreciate Parents.com’s commitment to transparency when selecting their Best Toy Awards. They are rigorous with their standards of fun! You can read more about their selection process and see all of the winners here.

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