Micro's New Year Resolutions For Kids


If you typically begin the year anew with a fresh set of resolutions, consider getting your little ones in on the tradition! This activity can serve as a lesson in goal setting and sticking to commitments. Plus, the challenge of picking an achievable goal for the year is a fun way to develop communication and decision-making skills.




Begin the conversation by explaining what a resolution is: a goal to achieve, or a promise to yourself. Help your kids think of resolutions they’ll actually want to accomplish. We love using the SMART method! Think of goals that are Specific, Motivating, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.


To get the ball rolling on 2019 resolutions for your little ones, or the whole family, here are a few ideas to make this year the best one yet:




Get outside more 

Whether it be scooting to school 3 days a week, going for a family walk every Saturday, or signing up for a sports team, getting a little more fresh air is a great goal for 2019. Think about the amount of time you spend outdoors currently, and bump it up to what feels attainable for your family. Remember, you want your goals to be achievable!




Learn something new

This is a great goal for kids, as they are constantly learning new things. Setting this as a resolution can help kids to recognize all of the ways that they’re learning, or help them hone a particular skill. From mastering the brake on their Mini Deluxe, to playing their favorite song on the ukulele, help them think of a motivating goal that will hold their interest.




Cut down on screen time 

We often hear from families that getting a Micro helps reduce screen time in their home, as kids want to get out and ride their scooter instead. What a great perk! If you’re feeling like the screens are on too long at home, suggest a new ritual: “we’re going to read for 30 minutes before bed.” It’s helpful to quantify what you’ll be doing and for how long, making your resolution more specific.




Be kind

How sweet is it to hear kids say “I want to be nicer”? Take this heartwarming sentiment a step further by making it a SMART goal. Suggest talking to a new person at school each week, or doing one random act of kindness per week. You can make this resolution relevant by tailoring it to your child. If they’re more outgoing, talk to all the new people! If they are shy, help them with acts of kindness. Make it feel genuine to them.




Make your routine eco-friendly

Help your family contribute to the health of the earth by setting green goals. Walk/bike/scoot to school (find your perfect model here) a few days a week, recycle at home, set timers for your showers, or ask for no straws when eating out. Have a discussion about what being green means to your family and how to translate that into your home.


When it comes to resolutions, it’s important to check in and lead by example. Regularly discuss the progress your family is making on their goals, and praise them when they’re doing well. It can also be helpful to create visual reminders of their progress. Add a marble or button to a glass jar for each time your child completes their goal. If your family is motivated by competition, set a special prize or privilege for whoever sticks to their goal the longest. Most of all, make it fun! Find what works for your family and go for it!


What are your resolutions for this year? Tell us in the comments!





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