Our Go-To Travel Solution: The Luggage Eazy!

Traveling with young children can be a delightful yet challenging experience. From managing their excitement to ensuring they're comfortable throughout the journey, every parent seeks solutions that make traveling with kids easier and more enjoyable. The solution that has been a game-changer for many families is the Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy.


We recently caught up with a family from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who shared their experiences traveling with the Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy. Meet the Martins! Lyndsay, Wyatt, and their kids, Binnie (5) and Mick (3). They're a family deeply passionate about exploration and adventure, and their travels have taken them to diverse destinations, from the picturesque Lake Como, Italy, to enchanting Puerto Rico, and beyond.


Where Have They Traveled with the Luggage Eazy?

The Martins have taken their Luggage Eazy on numerous journeys, including Munich, Germany, the vibrant streets of Puerto Rico, Lake Como, Italy, Gozo Island in Malta, and even the scenic landscapes of Denver, Colorado. Regardless of the destination, the Luggage Eazy has been a reliable companion for their family adventures.


Kids' Perspective: Riding in Style

According to the Martins, their kids, Mick and Binnie, absolutely adore their ride-on luggage. 

“Our kids Mick and Binnie LOVE their suitcases! They are totally obsessed. They like pulling each other, pulling their bags themselves with the kickstand folded in, and most of all - RIDING. My younger child Mick (3 years old) has even taken a nap while riding with his cheek against the handle. They get a lot of attention at airports and around town with those things, and they love showing off with them. When we find big open spaces at airports, we let them “get their zoomies out” on those things and they push themselves in circles or do races on them, propelling themselves with their legs.”

Enhanced Travel Experience

For the Martin family, the Luggage Eazy has significantly improved their travel experience. 

“We love to explore the world with our kids, however we have had two main chokepoints prior to the Luggage Eazy - our kids complaining about walking / asking to be held and our 3 year old walking off in random directions with no notice. Our Luggage Eazy bag solves both of those problems! Our kids have fun riding and we don’t have to worry about prodding them along when their legs reportedly get tired after 2 minutes or having to take turns carrying tired kids.


The bags roll so smoothly, it is so easy for me to pull both kids on their bags while my husband hauls whatever else needs to come along. We love the front compartment of the bag because we throw what our kids want for the plane ride in there - tablets, coloring supplies, stuffed animals, etc. Then the larger compartment has been enough space to pack all of the clothes we need for each kid for up to a 2 week adventure.


We had one of those epic travel days where we made it across the “big pond” and had a two hour drive to our final destination in Italy, but then got stuck at the airport for multiple hours waiting for our rental care to become available.  The bags provided a place for the kids to sit and something for them to play with while we waited.  We cant’ say enough about the Luggage Eazy; they have definitely improved the quality of our lives when we are on the go.”

Travel Frequency and Gear Preferences

As frequent travelers, the Martins need gear that packs a punch.

“We travel relatively frequently with our kids. We like to try for at least one international trip per year and a few locations within the States as well. We do a mix of airline travel and road trips.  We like to travel light, so cross functionality is crucial for whatever we bring along - which is one of the things we love about the Luggage Eazy! They are a kid mover and provide ample space for their clothing for the trip and their airplane entertainment. Especially when you are on long haul or overnight flights, the little ones get so tired and taking the pressure off of them having to walk (or run depending on how the travel day is going!) is so helpful.”

They value travel gear that is lightweight, versatile, and functional – qualities that perfectly align with the Luggage Eazy. Whether they're jetting off on a transatlantic flight or hitting the road for a weekend getaway, the Luggage Eazy seamlessly adapts to their needs, making every journey hassle-free and fun!


Final Thoughts: A Love Affair with the Luggage Eazy

The Martin family's love for the Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy knows no bounds. It has revolutionized the way they travel, providing convenience, comfort, and joy to their adventures around the globe. They're thrilled to continue exploring the world with their trusty Luggage Eazy by their side.

If you're a family on the go, looking for the perfect travel companion that combines functionality with fun, look no further than the Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy – because every journey is an adventure waiting to happen!

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