Scooter Sustainability Series: Part 1

We’re focused on the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Millions of tons of garbage (1) sit in landfills around the planet, causing harm to our ecosystem. The first (and arguably the most important) step in eliminating this trend is reducing the amount of waste we create. That could mean something like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.

But did you know by choosing Micro, you’re reducing waste, too? Our scooters are made to last for years, so while other brands tend to be scrapped after a handful of uses, you can be sure your Micro will last from year to year, and sibling to sibling. We’ve also streamlined our packaging (no unnecessary materials here!) and reduced our consumption on a design level: Micro scooters are made with modular construction, meaning they use as little parts as possible.

Plus, each one of those parts is easily replaceable. If something breaks over the years, you can just recycle the old part & swap it out for a new one. This is something that makes us unique; you’ll never have to throw your Micro scooter away!


One of our favorite ways to reuse here at Micro is through Warehouse Deals. Throughout the course of each year we use scooters for photo shoots, get returns that may have a small ding or a scratch, or our display boxes may have been damaged in transit.

We think it’s silly to throw these items away like some other companies (seriously!), especially because they work perfectly! So we devised Warehouse Deals: a place for customers who are a-okay with a little scratch or bruised packaging to purchase these items at 25% off. When you buy a scooter from Warehouse Deals, you’re helping the planet, all while getting a great value on a great product!

Micro Tip: One way we love to reuse Mini scooters is by adding a Seat & O-Bar attachment to transform it into a Mini 3in1 scooter. Perfect for babies starting at age 1, your refurbished scooter can now grow with another child through age 5!


We go to great lengths to recycle everything we can here at Micro HQ: from cardboard to old scooter parts. But what we’d like to focus on is how we make it easy for you to recycle too! There are two main components to Micro scooters: high quality plastic & metal. If you were to recycle your entire scooter (which we don’t recommend, as their modular construction makes them easy to reuse!) the first step would be to break out your screwdriver & allen key to deconstruct your scooter.

From there, sort the parts of the scooter into two sections. Put metal in one pile and plastic in another. A few examples of the metal you’ll find are the aluminum T-bar stem and the hardware that holds the scooter together. As for plastics, the deck, chassis, and brake shell can go in that pile. Depending on the services in your city, you can pop the plastic in your recycling bin and take the metal to a recycling center (maybe getting a few bucks back in the process). Even our packaging can be recycled!

We're constantly working to create a more sustainable operation here at Micro, and we're excited about the projects we have coming up to make it even better. Stay tuned for additions to our Scooter Sustainability Series to learn more about our commitment to the health of the planet.


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