The Scooters That Last Forever

last_forever_blog.pngWhen shopping for toys - especially outdoor toys, we all want to feel confident that the product is going to last a long time, to ensure we are getting the most for our money. Micro takes pride in being a company that offers quality children's products that will last, literally for years.  

In recent years Micro began to recognize that its products were being used as much for transportation as for fun. Parents reported that their children were using the scooters to go literally hundreds of miles a year to get to school, the park or just around the neighborhood. Focusing on its growth as a mobility company, Micro saw the importance of continuing to improve the quality and durability of its scooters, for both children and adults

Micro is unique in that it designs its products using modular construction, which means that every part is replaceable. What that means to you as a parent, is that, just like a bike or a car, a little upkeep will keep it not only safe, but long-lasting as well. You will never need to throw away a Micro. Simply revamp and reuse (or recycle to a new family!)

Micro Mini2Go

It is unusual in a children's product, but not only is every part replaceable on your Micro scooter, the repairs or replacements are easy to do at home, taking a matter of minutes (not hours). Many parents do the repair with their child and they tell us it is actually fun. To help you get through it with grace and style, our Customer Service team (think scooter geeks) has put together very simple instructions, included when you purchase a replacement part. The instructions are available on our website, along with some some great step-by-step videos.  Also, Micro parts are inexpensive and include FREE shipping!

Outside of needing a repair, we often hear of children wanting to update their deck or grips to their newest favorite color, or perhaps they have outgrown their Mini and need to bump up to the Maxi and want to pass along the old scooter to a sibling. Not a problem! Just check out our parts page and revamp decks and grips for a whole new look. (We even see kiddos mix and match colors for a unique look!)   

Mother and daughter playing in a pink micro scooter

So after YOUR child puts the first hundred miles on their Micro (it does happen!) you can keep it shiny, bright and smooth-gliding, for years of enjoyment.

Because Micro scooters are such fun and last so long, the Micro you buy your child will give them years of enjoyment and be one of the best value purchases you ever make for them. Another best value purchase will be the adult Micro scooter you buy yourself to keep up with them. Then you too will discover the sheer enjoyment and efficiency of Micro mobility.

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