What is a Kickboard?

You’re here because you’re curious. What is a kickboard? A curious bunch ourselves, we pioneered Kickboard scooters in the 1990s and have been the leaders of the pack ever since.


Kickboard: noun. A three wheeled scooter, with two wheels in front and one in back, that utilizes weight transfer steering (also called lean-to-steer). 

Can a kickboard really be as simple as that? Yes! A three-wheeled scooter is a kickboard. But did you know they aren’t just for kids? Our lineup of 3-wheeled kickboards provide fun for the whole family, from ages one to one hundred! 

What makes kickboard unique? Micro’s smooth glide can be found on all of our rides, whether they be 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled, but kickboards have their own special benefits. 



Are there adult kickboards? Yes! Our Swiss founder Wim first created a kickboard for himself. For adults, kickboards allow you to surf the sidewalk. Imagine the way a surfer curves and carves into big waves. Kickboards allow you to do that too! Using the handlebar for balance, simply shift your weight left or right to steer. Whether you’re a sporty pro or a scooting novice, adults of all kinds love the kickboard style ride.


The benefits of kickboards are also numerous for kids! From building essential gross motor skills, to practicing balance and coordination, to developing a love for the outdoors, our Mini and Maxi kickboards often become a kiddo’s long-lasting best friend. There’s no better way to appreciate a sunny day and exert some pent-up energy!

It’s no wonder families across the globe turn to Micro for years of fun. With highly developed, top-notch rides you can count on, parents put their trust in Micro’s lineup of kickboards for guaranteed quality time.

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