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Micro Kickboard is the scooter brand all kids love and parents trust. For over two decades, Micro has been combining the best quality materials with Swiss design to create an exceptionally smooth, stable ride that delights both kids and adults.

Known for innovation, Micro has created a wide range of styles, continuously updating and refining them with new colors and features.

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooters Grow With Your Kids Ages 2 to 5



 Micro Kickboard Replaceable Scooter Parts

Micro continues to ensure our scooters are as strong as possible, yet also lightweight, making them easy to carry, durable enough to pass on to the next child, comfortable enough to ride for miles and miles, and most importantly, FUN! 


 The Most Award-Winning Scooters for Kids

(in the World!)

We believe in and stand behind the exceptional quality of Micro’s Mini and Maxi Kickboards. We are grateful when we hear that kid testers and industry experts both seem to agree

In Feb 2023, NYT Wirecutter selected the Maxi as their Best Kids Scooter for the 5th year running. Their review involved children testing 16 different scooters to select the best, as well as a panel of experts from Wirecutter, and input by Pediatricians. 

Also recently, Parents.com named the Mini Deluxe ECO on their list of "Best Toys."


Check out Micro Kickboard's full list of awards here.



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